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lil shroomies

"It's mostly like being someone without a name.
People keep asking me what my name is.
'I don't know. But people call me Shahn. Used to go by Serena. Spent some time as Jack and Sara and Ser and a few other names.'
Mostly I say I'm ftm genderqueer and let people chew on that."
-- Shahn, summarizing what being genderqueer means for hir.

"I can live without sex, they have dildos for that. But no one makes a good strap-on hug." (shahn, on irc)

"It's not just a vagina. It's an adventure."

"Friends? Unconditional love? No love is unconditional. None at all. I don't believe it. ...Heh. I could be a ride at DysfunctionLand. 'Travel into the deep seeded mistrust of Shahn. It's an E Ticket!'"

okay I need food.
Chicken ROLL!
I love chicken roll.
Makes me SO happy.
- Shahn: unintentional free verse. (and another bonus poem!)

"I have found that on T I feel like there's a construction crew in my pants."

"I still, in a lot of ways, feel like I'm going through life with training wheels. And I think really, all I need to do is stop long enough to look back and notice they're gone."

"Well, I call my clit a dick. I like it. I get wet and hard all at once. It feels so zen...."

(on asher) "Yeah, he's married. But he's still my bitch."

"You know the one um, where she's all -- shit, I forgot it."

Timelady: you are SO CUTE
Papabear: Why am I cute?
Timelady: and sweet
Papabear: I am TART DAMN YOOO!

"I will NOT have sex with my fresh organic corn..."

Papabear: I get my new harddrive tomorrow morning I think. :)
Papabear: 20.4g, baybee.
me: wow
Papabear: yeah :)
Papabear: That's more penis than I know waht to do with. :)

"The fuck stops here."

"I am allowed to not like drama. And you are allowed to have it. The universe is beautiful that way."

Papabear: ::shows them where to stick their labels::
wineberri: that's an interesting way to look at it.
Papabear: I want to see The Man's anus papered with labels, damnit!

"Men get breast cancer too, not to burst your bubble. You'll have a lesser chance of getting it, but the chance doesn't go away. For those of us with breast reductions, we have almost the same chance we did before surgery. So, guys, keep palpating those pecs!"

"No time for neuroses! Must. Change. World."

"Someone was telling me before how my nader vote elected Bush. I was all 'Wow, I didn't realize I had all the electoral votes!'"

Fuck me up the GOAT ASS
This friend has been all "Bush won Florida, Gore may as well concede, I may as well go kill myself"
and I was "just wait, just wait, may be a recount, miami hasn't reported yet."
and NOW with 100% of the polls reporting she says "recount! recount!"
Now she says "nader fucked it all up"

Papabear: Personally, I am glad nader fucked it up.
Papabear: I hope to be a part of fucking it up in the future.
that's what I said
People can call me a privileged bigot all they like
I think that democans want me dead just as much as republicrats.

Timelady: i love you shahn :-D
Papabear: Why do you love me?
Papabear: Count me the ways!!
Papabear: Sorry.
Papabear: I will stop channeling Shakespeare on crack.

"So what's a good social-change-oriented topic for a paper, 5-ish pages.
Would it be a cop out to do something on Margaret Sanger?"

"I have actually left irc (I'm on a mush, however, it feels kind of like methodone)."

"*sigh* So much injustice. So little Shahn."