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    These dark chocolate treats first emerged as an artistic tribute to the Perigord truffle - the musky, flavorful fungus that nowadays costs hundreds of dollars an ounce. When dug out of the ground, those truffles are roundish, dark brown, and covered in dirt. The original chocolate truffle was designed to look like this rugged epicurean mushroom: both trick AND treat. Nowadays truffles are made in a variety of ways... smooth, bumpy, filled, liqueured, decorated... but ours keep to the old-fashioned design.

    Each of our truffles is a vibrant, intense mouthful, redolent of dark chocolate and mint. They are handmade with fresh all-organic ingredients, including semi-sweet chocolate, cream, and mint leaves.

    Your box of ten truffles is carefully hand-packed in a mulberry-colored box with silver ribbon to make it a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.