A list of ideas and projects I want to take on in time

Idea: set up a fund to pay people for time spent fighting cases with pro bono lawyers. Work with the ACLU?


  • Where to get funding - maybe form a coalition with other big groups of all sorts, ask for yearly donation or biyearly halfdonation, in exchange they have someone serving on the board, deciding who gets help.
  • Approach activists individually, asking for help in building the coalition
  • Find people willing to do outreach to poor, etc., communities who might not hear about this.
  • Write to a variet of groups asking for a list of lawyers we can go through for pro bono work, say it doesn't represent a commitmnet to be free when we ask, just represent a willingness to do it if you're free.
  • How much money will we need? Find out how much time was spent on a number of representative cases like Bowers v. Hardwick or the Hawaii one, and assume they'll all go that far - or half, ask lawyers? - and figure out how many we want to take on yearly to begin with.
  • eventually develop basic charer of what to take, include lots of basic discrimination cases.
  • how/when to meet? online usually, and then convention once yearly where we can have one or two days of everyone in the coalition meeting and reviewing and bonding and pounding stuff out for next year, and then one or two days open to the public with workshops for regular people to teach them about activism and justice and the courts and their rights, and for activists and for lawyers and booths so activist groups can meet and do outreach.
    book idea: discirmination in detail, all sorts, then guide on how to recognize and define and fight it when it's gone covert.

    Need to teach people about how to use their rights, especially new rights, because we internalize the old rules.

    book idea - transgender humor like lesbianism made easy or so you want to be a lesbian.... violence, movies, media, buying clothes, dating, tranny test, activism- we're here, we're queer, and we're invisible!
    for neofeminist playground: paper doll game, w/random and famous peopoe, accessorize them to genderfuck
    Danica Nuccitelli Micco ETHS 166 Final Project Proposal 2/25/98 I want to write to my old high school principal and get information about the tracking system in the Davis Joint Unified School District, and do research into why our tracking system is horrible, how it adversely affects Latino and African-American students, and convince them to try to fix it. If that turns out to be too big a project for one semester, then I want to take a big website my friends and I are creating (neofeminism.com) and produce a women of color/activist movement section with history and how-tos, and space for networking and news.