[ Queer ] Message 1085 (1 left): Thu Oct 1, 1998 1:18pm From: jov (dorje@ella) Subject: so 4 lines (?) why should we have queer studies at mills? gotta write flyers :) [ Queer ] Message 1086 (0 left): Thu Oct 1, 1998 1:58pm From: aidan, net.spider (danica@ella) Subject: heh 33 lines (?) first: there's a page on colleges with queer studies programs and queer nondiscrimination policies and stuff at http://www.mills.edu/LIFE/ASMC/MQA/Avengers/queerstudies.html umm * because mills doesn't have any queer content in its curriculum * because mills professors almost never mention queer aspects of what they teach, like if they're talking about gertrude stein they don't mention she was queer and if they're talking just about paris in the 20s they don't mention the huge amount of queer history there (that's for all the ppl who say "but we don't need to separate out all the queer stuff and SEEEEGREGATE IT! we need to teach it in our regular classes and save money!" well, we DON'T.) * because i don't think mills professors have the resources to order *more* books or stuff *more* content into classes they already teach, if you want to propose converting some of them into queer-inclusivity * because we have a very strong culture and a strong, old history, and those are just as worth learning about as, for example, America During the Depression and WWII, or Latinos in the U.S., or Psychology of Death and Dying. (that's my favorite reason) it's like, to pick an example, Latino history and culture and so on should be taught /both/ in classes on other subjects where it was important and related, AND in separate classes just on Latino history or culture. * because even though you may think that "straight" is a good default for everything because the history we teach now is "everyone's history," straight history is not necessarily ours. the fact that queers have been erased and discriminated against and kept out of the mainstream for a long time /does/ mean that you are teaching only about people who are not us, and your refusal to teach about us shows a total disregard for, and even a hatred of, the queer students who after all make up about half your student body. * because last year, two-thirds of the students who responded to our poll wanted more queer classes and half of those students wanted a queer studies major. there is demand for this.