My Senior Project! took me fucking forever to figure out where i put this thing. It's basically the sphere page but nicer.

Kaleidoscope House our pages on coming out as multiple.

The Bisexual Page! I love my bisexual page.

The Sphere Page for genderqueers of all sorts.

Spokestranny all these fake ads I made with trannies in them. And other graphic design work I've done.

My Multigendered Life

A Guide for Understanding Transgender Issues at Mills First draft.

New Chatroom for Genderqueers

Should "Queer" Include Polyamory?"

Sphere my mailing list for poly-, non-, and third-gendered folks.

The First Web Draft of Two-Spirit, an Interactively Arranged Story
Beware, stuff is still ugly and confusing in there! (this link really works now - 3/28/99) (god i amuse myself - 11/15/00)

The Real Life at Mills! Er... this links to the above story, actually. Not sure how that file got changed. I could re-do it; I'm thinking about it. It's a guide to Mills College as a queer school.

A page on same-sex marriage, the economy, and its current legal state... This was taken from a debate that Yael and I did in our advanced econ class in our senior year of highschool. We kicked ass.

Mills Avengers FAQ Whoa, where the hell is this stuff coming from?

More Than 12 Steps Towards Trans Freedom This is duplicated on incite!'s site. I put it here anyway cause (1) it'll be off their site eventually and (2) I named the actual file "fuckingloons.html" and that amuses the crap out of me. it's late at night, so shoot me.
Hm, I did something funny with the font on this.

Trans Legal Info for Mills a preliminary collection of relevant and mostly not-relevant stuff.

Trans thoughts proof that I'll put just about anything I write on the web for all to see.

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