Proposal for Senior Project in Social Change

Purpose: To use billboards, essays, articles, and letters to the editor to begin to change our society's straight/white/Christian/rich/male assumptions.

Mass media has a huge and well-studied effect on our daily assumptions, morals, and minds. The images it gives us are of perky housewives, supermoms, rebellious anorexic Sprite-drinking teenagers, almost all of whom conform to the five categories above.

I plan to use the tools of the media against this by introducing images of queer people, pagan images, people of color, feminist and revolutionary messages, in a short but powerful blast during the fall of 1998.


  • Call around for billboard prices, get an estimate of the number of billboards I'll need, available areas, and how long they'll stay up;
  • Find a company who will support the images I put up in the (probable) event that conservative groups try to censor them;
  • Begin fundraising by contacting relevant organizations, leaders, celebrities, and political groups;
  • Create Pagan Journalist Alliance and get them and other journalist/media groups to organize a rush of articles about queer and pagan and people of color and feminist issues, to be submitted to a handful of very mainstream sources like Glamour, Seventeen, Time, People, Sports Illustrated, etc. Coordinate submissions around 6-8 mos. in advance (depending on magazine) so they'll be published at the right time.
  • Announce contest for billboard ideas and artwork, where the prize is to have your idea used and copyright returns to the creator after the billboards come down
  • Get non-profit status, if possible
  • Keep supporters and relevant magazines informed of news at each step
  • Do whatever the billboard company says is necessary to get art prepared for billboarding.
  • Observe process and short-term results, write paper on them.

    Possible Billboard Prices


    These are 8' X 24' painted displays. They are lighted from dusk to dawn. Prices start at $125 per month. A production cost will be assessed up front for design and painting. This charge will be from $300 minimum for a hand painted design to $500 for a computer printed flex face.

    Contact Herb Stark: or 1-800-559-1013


    1-800-611-9090 (Mostly design, but they also rent billboard space.)

    Minneapolis to Charleston.

    Submission guidelines

    Cincinnati, Ohio:

    BBC Graphics and Bench Billboard Co. with project for quote

    Alabama Colorado Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia West Virginia

    Take local demographics into account? If so, which? Age/race/religion/politics? And which way? Or just be aware of and take into account, or see how different things get?

    Gay Feminist Trans Pagan People of Color Lefties
    GLAAD, Advocates for Abused and Battered Lesbians, Asian Lesbian Bisexual Alliance, Asian Pacific Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered Network (Atlanta), Black Lesbian Support Group (DC), Daughters of Bilitis (!) (Boston), Lesbian Avengers, ">Los Angeles Asian Pacific Islander Sisters (LA),, Fourth Tuesday, Lesbian Disabled Veterans of America, National Lesbian Political Action Committee, Shades of Ebony Connections (Dallas/Fort Worth), United Lesbians of African Heritage (SoCal), Southern Leather Lesbians at Play (Florida), Womyn of Zami (DC) BiNet USA, BiWays (Florida), BiUnity, SouthBayBi (south bay area), AEGIS, IFGE, Transsexual Menace, TOPS, FTM-INTL, Tri-Ess (chicago), Chicago Gender Society, Crossdressers Heterosexual International Club, Educational TV Channel (SF), Monmouth Ocean TransGender, (NewJersey), GenderPAC, Panhandle Transgendered Alliance (GA, FL), St. Louis Gender federation, Phoenix, Tenessee Vals, Rainbow Gender Association (south bay), Triad Gender Association (NC), (A LOT more) ACT UP, After8 (oregon), Campaign to End Homophobia, *Citizens Against Homophobia, (Ask them to handle finances as a 501(c)3 org.?) Community United Against Violence, Empire State Pride, (New York), Faces of south dakota, Northern Sun, NOW, Good Vibrations, Guerrilla Girls
    Places with money: HRC, NOW, ACLU, GLAADNOTA
    Notes: "No skinny people, no rich people, no white people." (rlong)

    Tax-Exempt Status IRS Requirements "In order to retain its tax exempt status, each section must meet two tests: the organizational test, and the operational test. .... To satisfy the organizational test, a section's articles of incorporation, articles of association, or other written instrument by which it is created, must limit the purposes of the organization to one or more exempt purposes, and must not expressly authorize the organization to engage other than as an insubstantial part of its activities, in any activities which in themselves are not in furtherance of one or more exempt purposes. ...Assets in dissolution must be used for the organization's exempt purposes or must be transferred to another organization that is exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3). THIS PROVISION MUST BE STATED IN THE ORGANIZATION'S ARTICLES.To satisfy the operational test, on organization must be deemed to operate "exclusively for" its specified exempt purposes. A key element in the operational test is the requirement that the organization benefit the public at large. The IRS considers an organization that benefits private interest in anything more than an insignificant or incidental extent to have failed the test. While some form of private benefit is unavoidable, any benefit that accrues to a private individual, group, or organization must be merely incidental to the organization's serving the public.


    Dear [name of organization here],

    I represent a new activist group uniting gays, feminists, pagans, and people of color. We'd like to invite you to participate in a national action to make all our issues visible.

    In the fall of 1998, we hope to cover the United States with billboards depicting our faces and issues to an extent which has never before been accomplished. We are asking for donations to accomplish this; buying space on billboards across the country is expensive! By the time you receive this letter, we will be well on our way to achieving tax-exempt status - you can actually deduct the expense of changing the world from your taxes!

    Please send donations to:

    5000 MacArthur Boulevard, OM #219
    Oakland, CA 94613

    or check out our webpage, coming soon at

    Sincerely yours,
    Danica Nuccitelli