The popular joke here is that Mills College is "Twenty-five percent lesbian, fifty percent bi, and twenty-five percent freshwomen." Most students seem to find that when they tell people they're going to Mills, they get reactions like "Oh, you must be a lesbian," or "Watch out, all those girls are gonna be hitting on you!"

The Mills College Lesbian Avengers decided that it was time to find out what the real story was. We put out a survey, distributing it in every dorm, every lounge, and even the graduate dorms.

Hey, Mills Students! Please take a minute to answer this totally confidential, anonymous survey and drop it in the big envelope next to your mailboxes.

I'm a(n): ___undergrad student ___graduate student
I identify as: ___straight ___lesbian ___bisexual ___asexual ___questioning ___byke (bi-identified dyke/gay) ___gay/lesbian-identified bi
___other (please specify):_____________________________________________________________ Comments:
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ I consider my gender to be:

___female    ___male	___androgyne	___none

___transgendered (pick two or more as applicable from below):
male male
female female
androgyne androgyne
none none

other (please specify):______________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Optional Section:
Are you out: ___at school ___at home ___to your religious group, if any __at work ___not yet (no matter what your orientation or gender are - just whether people know it or not)
o Can we use your comments, if any, anonymously in the Mills Weekly?
o Do you think Mills should have a Queer Studies program (which would encompass gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered history and culture?) or at least:
o Should Mills have more classes on G/L/B/T stuff?(Currently, there are a few classes which include these topics, but only one-shot seminars which focus on them.)
Thanks! Now just drop it in the envelope next to your mailboxes.

One student commented, "Wow, for a survey that tries to put you in boxes, you certainly have a lot of them to choose from. Ambitious survey - good luck!" The survey got 139 responses in our school of under 800 undergrads, and grad surveys have not been collected yet. That's approximately a 25% response, far exceeding our cynical predictions. Apparently Mills students aren't as apathetic as the administration tries to convince us we are!

The survey results break down as follows, arrange by Kinsey scale (the farther down you are, the queerer Kinsey would think you were):

"None of your business": 3
Asexual: 1
Straight: 60
Questioning: 4
Straight-identified bi: 1
Bisexual: 17
Bisexual/Omnisexual: 1
Gay-identified bi: 2
Byke: 10
Lesbian: 22
Dyke: 5
Queer: 5
Queer and Asexual: 1
Undefinable: 6 (including those who marked both straight, bi, and asexual; those who marked none; those who identified as transgendered and marked no sexual orientation; and others.)

At its most basic:
Straight: 60 (44%); Queer: 76 (54.7%); No response, 3 (2.2%).

Female: 115
None: 3
Both: 1
Tomboy: 2
Female-to-male: 4
Asexual: 4
Female-to-androgynous: 2
Transgendered: 1

Female: 115 (82.7%); Not female: 17 (12.3%).
And this is a women's college!

One of my favorite comments came from a straight freshwoman who scrawled, "I think that unless this survey is being done to find out the % of the minority (strait people) it's pointless!!" and added that as far as queer studies were concerned, "Don't care - I could care less!!!!!" Well, no, apparently you couldn't! At the other end of the spectrum came a queer tomboy who remarked, "It is really odd that [we're] at a school with such a high population of Queer students and we don't have any classes about is!! I was looking forward to Sociology of Gender Roles, but even that was canceled. What's up w/the admin denying the composition (and representation) of the student body? Come on, Mills, get with it! The way we're going, Christian Bible schools will have Queer studies before Mills." One lesbian went even farther: "yes!!!!! lesbian lit! lesbian art history! great lesbians in war! crossdressing through the ages! yah! yah! yah!"
The statistics themselves show the school mostly on the side of the Great Lesbians in War:

We should have Queer Studies: 74 (53.2%)
We shouldn't have Queer Studies: 46 (33%)
We should have more queer classes, but not a major: (13%)
Unsure: 1
(or, 92 women for more queer classes and maybe a major, versus 46 women who see no need for either; 66% to 33%.)

Broken down, for those who are interested:
Queer Studies supporters were comprised of three queer women, four uncategorizable women, twenty-five straight women, fifteen lesbians, two asexual women, one straight-identified bi woman, eight dykes, eight bykes, four bisexuals, and two gay-identified bi women. (25 straight, 45 queer.)
Those against Queer Studies at Mills included thirty-one straight women, three lesbians, eight bisexuals, one uncategorized woman, one byke, one "none of your business," and three questioning women. (31 straight, 15 queer, one none of the above.)
Those for more queer classes, not a major, were three lesbians, seven straight women, four bisexuals, and one each questioning, queer, "none of your business," and uncategorized women. (7 straight, 10 queer, one none of the above.)
There was one bisexual unsure woman.

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