"Dr. Cure-All, with his troupe, has come and gone, leaving behind him a reputation to be envied. Before the performance excitement was fed by the frequent posters which appeared, and when the telegram finally arrived, saying the troupe was on its way, the box office was crowded, and a good reception was assured.
The audience assembled promptly. There were beautiful ladies in gay evening dress, who doffed their evening cloaks with an air of impatience, and in one box was - did I hear you say the Faculty? Surely not; all I saw were a few gay young gallants, tending assiduously to the wants of some charming belles." From the Oct.-Nov. White and Gold, 1906.

But was this all the gay life at Mills, back in the day?

Said the old girl to the new,
"Who's your crush?"
Said the new girl to the old
"What's your rush?"

"Why, you've been here near a week,
You've had time enough to seek
Out, the lady fair
Whose name should make you blush."

M. McD., '97. (same issue)

uhhh... more later. Cinderella's on.