Flyers good for all occasions
This Bomb Is Not Real Do-It-Yourself Flyer

Flyers for general use and to undermine assumptions about queers

True/False Re-Examine Your Assumptions Heterosexual Questionnaire Job Discrimination

Flyers for the Walk A Mile action

Suck My Dick it seemed clever at 3am, but now.... Not Our Responsibility We Will Not Go Back Who Are These Lesbian Avengers
General Info Flyers for the Health Faire
Who Are the Mills Avengers? What do Avengers do? Homophobia is a Health Issue Biphobia Combat Transphobia Combat
How To Report a Hate Crime A.B. 101 Letter What is Homophobia? The answer may surprise you.... What is Heterosexual Privilege?

Flyers to increase awareness of queer oppression

Getting Fired

brought to you by the Mills College Lesbian Avengers. We recruit.