Who Are The Lesbian Avengers?

The Lesbian Avengers is a direct action group focused on issues vital to lesbian survival and visibility.

What is direct action?

Direct action means turning our ideas into concrete action. The Lesbian Avengers try to come up with the most creative actions possible to get their point across. For example, the San Francisco chapter recently staged an action where one member dressed up as a huge walking alarm clock and rang repeatedly to wake people up to the need to stop hate crimes, while other Avengers, armed with newly-released 1996 statistics of attacks on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered victims from CUAV, denounced hate crimes at the corner of Van Ness and Market streets.

What are lesbian issues?

The Chicago Avengers page says, "A lesbian issue can be anything from lesbian bashing to the growing power of the Religious Right, to the racist (and lesbophobic) speech of a public figure: ANYTHING that affects the members of our exceedingly diverse lesbian community. Each of us has the right and the power to decide which issues affect our survival and which issues we want to pursue." Any issue that affects women is a lesbian issue, because lesbians are women. Any issue that affects people of color is a lesbian issue, because many people of color are lesbians.

Why does Mills need a Lesbian Avengers chapter?

Apparently there is no place is this society free of homophobia. A lot of us here think Mills is a utopia, a real Queer women's haven. But it became obvious at the Walk a Mile Workshop that it isn't. Homophobia was raised but never addressed. Therefore, the Avengers are being formed on campus as an organization dedicated to direct action to fight queerphobia and promote LesBiTrans women's issues and visibility on campus and in the larger Oakland community.

How do the Lesbian Avengers work?