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AAUP SENIOR THESIS AWARD- created in 1995, this award is given to the senior who has written the most outstanding thesis of the year at Mills College.

ANNE HUMMEL SHERRILL SCHOLARSHIP- awarded to the top students in history. The awards are determined in the spring and applied toward senior year tuition.

ARDELLA MILLS PRIZE- for excellence in literary composition was established in 1931, by a bequest of Maria Elizabeth Mills, in memory of her daughter.

ARTHUR ASHE JR. AWARD- this national award is presented to the top minority intercollegiate scholar athletes having earned distinction in their respective sport and excelled in the classroom.

ARTURO TORRES-RIOSECO PRIZE IN HISPANIC STUDIES- given in memory of Dr. Arturo Torres-Rioseco, former professor of Latin American literature at U.C. Berkeley and distinguished Chilean writer and scholar, who was a close friend of Mills College during the Casa Panamericana years in the 30's and 40's. Part of his personal archives are housed in the Olin Library's Collections.

BRUCE McCOLLUM PRIZE- established in 1960 by Mrs. Bruce McCollum in memory of her husband, this award is given to a senior majoring in science or mathematics with the highest attainment in scholarship.

CARYL PARKER HASKINS AWARD- established in 1966 in honor of former Trustee Professor Dr. Haskins for distinction in the life sciences.

ELIZABETH MILLS CROTHERS AWARD- endowed by Mrs. Edgar Mills in memory of her daughter. It is awarded for outstanding musical composition.

ELIZABETH RHEEM STONER PRIZE- established in 1926, the award recognizes outstanding contributions to the recreational sports program.

ELEANOR CRUM PRIZE- established in 1968, from the estate of William L. Crum in honor of his wife, this award is given to students for excellence in ceramics.

GERMAINE THOMPSON PRIZE- Germaine K. Thompson established this award in 1985 as an expression of admiration for the excellent teaching of Martha Cottam. It is awarded to students for excellence in the French Department.

GERTRUDE HUNG CHAN PRIZE- this fund was established by the friends and family of Gertrude Hung Chang to promising students in the English and Drama Departments for excellence in playwriting, scriptwriting, or short story writing.

GRACE "TY" SEARING DHAEMERS AWARD- this honor is given to a member of the junior class who is majoring in Art History and is returning for her senior year.

HELEN PILLANS AWARD- this award is given in honor of Helen Pillans, who taught at Mills for many years and was responsible for the establishment of the Computer Science program in the 1960's.

AY DeFEO PRIZE- this award is given in honor of Jay DeFeo who taught in the Mills Art Department for many years. The award honors outstanding achievement by an M.F.A. degree candidate.

KAREN KOSHAK PHYSICAL EDUCATION AWARD- in recognition of an exemplary healthy lifestyle and service to the physical education program.

MARIE NAUMANN-ETIENNE PRIZE- this prize, awarded to the highest achieving graduating student in German, was established in 1988 by Dr. Rudiger Naumann in honor of his mother.

MARION ROSS SCHOLARSHIP- this award is given to students excelling in economics in honor of Dr. Marion Ross, respected alumna and former Mills economics professor.

MARY LAUGHLIN BEARDMORE PRIZE- this award goes to a student in the field of Art History, in memory of Mary Laughlin Beardmore who served as secretary to the Honolulu Mills College Club for 25 years.

MARY MERRITT HENRY PRIZE- these prizes for a group of poems were established in 1921. First, second, and third place awards go to both Graduate and Undergraduate students.

MARY WETMORE SOPHOMORE PRIZE- C.E. Wetmore, a trustee of the Mills Seminary in Benicia, established this award in 1926. It honors a member of the sophomore class for excellence in scholarship.

MAURETHEA FREIDBERGER CUP- this award is given to the most outstanding senior Music major.

MERRILL BRISTOW HINTIKKA MEMORIAL JUNIOR PBK PRIZE- awarded to the junior elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

MARION LONG STEBBINS PRIZE-is awarded to the most promising students in Dramatic Arts.

OUTSTANDING SENIOR AWARD- this award was established to honor a graduating senior for her involvement in and contribution to the Mills community. Criteria are divided into four areas: scholarship, on-campus activities, off-campus activities, and special initiative.

PALLADIUM - founded in 1930, this distinctive honor society recognizes juniors and seniors who combine academic excellence with service to the college.

PATRICE GRIFFIN AQUATIC AWARD- this prize was established in 1989 by Chris and Edy Hum for outstanding enthusiasm and support for aquatic programs in the department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation.>br> PAUL MERRITT HENRY AWARD- this prize was established by Aurelia Reinhardt during her presidency at Mills as a memorial to her brother. It is awarded for excellence in musical composition.

RALPH DUCASSE SCHOLARSHIP- is awarded to a student majoring in studio art. It is given in recognition of outstanding achievement.

ROSALIND KEEP BOOK ARTS AWARD- recognizes general excellence in the area of book arts as well as a substantial contribution to the program.

VERA LONG PRIZE - established in 1987 and given in honor of an outstanding paper written on environmental biology.

WHO'S WHO AWARDS - Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is a national honor program recognizing academic excellence and involvement in campus and community organizations.

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