Creative Writing class semester project (ongoing)
Fall 1999
Rose King-Harris

A snapshot, shoved loosely in a journal:

Two men sit at a café outdoors; the table is round and sunlit. The sidewalk and café are crowded, but this table seems almost in another world, isolated by the intense bond crackling between the men. One is laughing uncontrollably, spiked collar and black trenchcoat echoing this black waterfall of hair, the only evidence he is half-Chinese, falling forward to shadow his face as he laughs. The other man doesn't seem like much more than a boy. He has a matching collar with a ring among the spikes, wearing ripped-up layers of tshirts and long johns. There is something different about him too, in his wispy beard and babyface. His blushing half-smile shows who told the joke that made Frank laugh so hard, but he isn't joining in the laughter: he is watching Frank with complete adoration and a little wistfulness. It is a queer look, changed just by a little extra tilt in the eybrows, but it seems so unrelated to his automatic half-smile that it forms the focus of the whole photograph. This is Marc.

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