my first entry   
11:03pm 31/01/2003
  Hello! I have my own livejournal! I want to share the full version of my current livejournal picture....

really neat stained-glass window with planets and

It's called "The Space Window." According to, it's "From the National Cathedral in Washington. Presented as a gift from NASA by the Astronauts of Apollo 11, the orginal window has a genuine 3 1/2 billion year old rock embedded in the center of the red planet."

Isn't it beautiful?

I think the red swirly planet in the middle looks like a big red rose at first glance. Which is part of why I like it! I love stars and planets and outer space and galaxies and the whole universe... at the risk of sounding space-y ;-)

At the bottom I think it says "Is not God in the height of Heaven?" which I think is a really cool bringing-together of spirituality and science... of course Aeryn's head would probably explode if I said that to her :-D