Fun Things To Get Kaleidoscope House Folks

    If it's our birthday, or Solstice, or some other damn thing and you want to know what we want, try these:

    • Anything from NapaStyle, especially swanky olive oils and swanky grape juice and any fancy cooking stuff (for Todd)
    • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Any chocolate. All chocolate. Chocolate. (this is for everyone, but the paradox collective gave Cat a box of Godiva chocolates last year and she was really fucking awed that someone would be so right-on and thoughtful about her.
    • Marbles! really pretty marbles! marbles! marble games! whatever! (lizbeth)
    • Books. Hell of books. Gift certificates are never turned down of course (especially to independent stores like Powell's Books or local (Bay Area) places) but for specifics, we really like it when people give us books that *they* really liked that they think we'll like. Sharing the love, you know. Also, Rose really likes Madeleine L'Engle, and Todd can never have enough cookbooks, and the kids always want kids' books (everyone does really. Even Adam admits that his favorite book is The Secret Garden) and we're a bit low on bisexual erotica. ;) (i suppose A Different Light and Good Vibrations are good places to point people there.)
    • A cotton candy maker... I can't rightly say whether this is actually something the kids want. I guess. Blame Abigail or Tommy if you want. or whoever else hasn't been pinpointed here yet :) But really, who could turn down such a thing?!
    • Music. Gift certificates to independent stores. (I know this is difficult if you don't live in California, but it's really not worth it to give gift certificates to places that don't carry used cds and tapes, imho. For example, I currently have a $70 gift certificate to Tower that will buy me three whole CDs because they have inflated prices - and they won't even give me whatever is left over from the certificate afterwards.) The same premises hold here as for books - music you really love and want to pass on is neat. Mix tapes or cds are REALLY neat. We didn't realize this till Robin made us one once. our first and only. you can like totally communicate through music and share neat stuff and get all these songs associated with you and stuff :-)
    • Books from Klutz (yum)
    • Anything, ever, from HearthSong. (Abigail, Lizbeth, and really all the kids.)
    • Any plants from so we can grow a big forest garden full of edible plants.
    thank you :)