Organic Fruit and Veggie Boxes in the Bay Area
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    only delivers to the South Bay.

    Bay Area Organic Express (The BOX)
    Does not appear to have a website, but info is at
    Apparently $25/mo. "for a large amount." this is from a review at the berkeley parents network, which said they offer "Organic fruits and vegetables from a variety of local farms, delivered weekly. You can designate favorite or disliked items."
    They are very popular; a lot of people use them and rave about them.

    Farm Fresh to You
    Also in davis/sacto area.
    $22 per half-bushel box. ("10-12 fruits and veggies")
    $5 delivery fee per box, or $2/box if you order 2-4 boxes. No charge if there are five or more members at a drop-off point.
    Tells you a week in advance about contents of your box.
    Seems like a real deal - $22 for (e.g.) "carrots, red lettuce, beets, cilantro, asparagus, avocado, kiwis, oranges, fuji apples, bartlett pears, ruby star grapefruit." They offer culinary herbs and dried fruits in addition to regular fruits and veggies.

    Full Belly Farms
    Delivers from Davis to Berkeley. Apparently they sometimes have a waiting list.
    $12/week except in summer when it's $13/week.
    Offers vegetables, fruit, flowers, almonds, walnuts, and *wool.* Some info on them is available at Phone: 510/528-8630.

    Knoll Organic Farms
    $25/week, monthly payment up front
    Offers vegetables, fruit, and herbs.
    Their site explains, "Boxes are available for on-farm pick up or delivery each Friday after 3:00 p.m. If you are interested in having your box delivered, we offer group drops as follows: delivery to a group drop site is $1/box/week with a minimum of six (6) boxes per drop site to the communities of Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Knightsen or Oakley. Group drops to Antioch, Clayton, Pittsburg, Tracy or Livermore are $2/boxes/week with a minimum of eight (8) boxes per drop site. Outside this radius, please contact us for details on delivery. If yours is a one person household, and you would like to avail yourself of our service, please give us a call at (925) 634-5959 and we'll try to put you in touch with someone nearby with whom you can share a box. If your household requires more food than is in our box, feel free to order as many boxes as needed."
    They have some really awesome green garlic recipes on their website.

    Planet Organics
    Started a food donation program for the s.f. food bank.
    Will deliver to your door; $25 small, $35 medium, $45 large boxes.
    No pick-up location.
    Some folks have said they've had problems with them in the past in terms of having a mix-up in what goes in their box or having some rotten fruit. I didn't have that problem when I used them before, but I did have a hard time keeping finances straight with them.

    Terra Firma Farms
    also a davis-based org.
    Pickup in Oakland is somewhat of a walk from GrandLake, up at Verrada and Longridge on Tuesday from 4-7. (but a short drive)
    Also one in Rockridge by Safeway. (off of the 24, less than a ten minute drive from work - this is what i use)
    Nice fall crops - includes squashes and pomegranates.
    Comes with nifty quiz to determine which size box you should get. Newsletter has informative articles about everything from migrant workers rights to how heirloom tomatoes are grown as well.
    Also costs $52/mo. for small box, we get the medium for $78. (vs. $80 at winter creek)

    Winter Creek Gardens
    they provide other payment options, $20 boxes, and the page lists sample box contents as well as the standard newsletters and recipes.
    "Each week, Winter Creek Gardens packs boxes of fresh organic vegetables and fruits and delivers them to central pick-up sites in Corte Madera, Petaluma, San Rafael, Davis, Oakland, and San Francisco. In addition to the downtown San Rafael site, we also have a drop-off site in San Rafael at Fair Isaac, for employees of that company. If you don't live in one of these towns but want to get involved, talk to us about starting a new drop-site. All we need to start a new site in your neighborhood or at your office is 8-10 members! We are looking to add additional East Bay, Marin and Sonoma sites."