Net.Spider Pricing and Services

The standard price is $25/hour or portion thereof. Special rates or barters may be negotiable for large jobs and low-income customers. Most jobs take under an hour.

Sometimes I can't find what you're looking for; I have to admit that I've been looking for an mp3 of the Judybats' "Pain Makes You Beautiful" for several hours now and I haven't yet gotten ahold of it. In order to save you time and money, I will let you know when I first begin your search how long I think it will take. I recommend ordering an hour of search time at first (using Paypal), so that you can then decide how much research time to buy if it looks like it will take longer to complete your search.

Special deals are sometimes available. Let me explain my pricing philosophy. When I was younger, we used to go buy produce at the Farmers' Market every Saturday morning. It was great because we were buying peaches from real people, the people who grew them, who would give us free samples and good cooking tips even if we were just looking. They knew that they could catch more customers with good peaches and helpful chatter. Often when we bought a bag of fruit, they would drop in a few extra peaches to make it just over three pounds instead of just under, or to give us a taste of something we weren't originally going to buy.

That's my philosophy: I want to give you something extra. That's why I provide free search tips for you, in case you want to take another shot at finding something yourself. That's why, if you're looking for a site and I happen to know where it is off the top of my head, I'll just give you the url for free. That's why, despite the $25/hour standard fee, I'm open to negotiations, and I'll often charge less for an easy search.

Here's how it works: You enter your search and hit "send;" I receive your request via email, and begin searching. As soon as I have some idea of how long it will take, I stop searching and email you with an estimate. This way, you can figure out about how long it will be, and how much it will cost. I realize that many of you are "starving college students" and may not be able to afford a $50 or $75 search; this way, you can cancel your search order, or tell me how much time you can afford so I stop once I hit your limit.

Once I've completed your search and I have the information you need, I send you the information and, if it's taken more than the first hour, a bill confirming how long it took and how much that cost - which should come as no surprise, because I'll check in with you every step of the way.

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