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My Neopets:

[aliciamouse the
blue korbat]
this is my korbat, AliciaMouse. she has shiny blue wings and is very very smart and pretty. she flies around! she has a web page that it made her!
[poorbaby the
this is her petpet, Poorbaby. poorbaby is a pretty blue bilguss who says things like "heeeeem" and "peep!" and licks its lips nervously.
[alishamouse the
yellow poogle]
this is my poogle, AlishaMouse. she is yellow and very nice. she was an accident cause dani messed up the name spelling on my neopet and went back and it accidentally made two with the different names but it is nice that i have her cause she is very nice! she was a korbat but she got changed into this on accident with a magical poogle toy. she is also our best fighter in the pets.

AlishaMouse says 'hey poorbaby i put you on my page in a picture!'...

Poorbaby wiggles its ears

happy mouse!

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