We did tarot readings to find out about what each person was like, with the neato Fairie Oracle that the Myriad gave Mary Lemon for Solstice (!!!!)

basically we just asked the deck to tell us about a given person and then did very short analyses of each card and looked at the little set of cards as a whole... the number/layout we used just depended on what felt right for that person... i'm not sure who was doing the reading realllly. Here's what we got for some of us:

Aidan is: 

  An adventurer in spiritual gender                Singer of Courage
   Ta'On the Poet                                  Unseater/Trickster

but all upside down and weak right now. 

Steven is: 

   Exposer of our self-pity and dings        Paradoxical pook confusing one
    Mystical inspiration/dreamweaver     Action-taker and fiery protector

Rose was represented by the dreamweaver card in an earlier reading, and
Aidan got the journeyman card in his reading (the "adventurer" part of the
spiritual gender thing). The description of the pook card said, "He
appears in whatever guise he thinks will be most confusing to you," which
we thought was really appropriate since many people (inside and out) find
Steven very hard to read and to pin down. The action-taker card was called
"He of the fiery sword," which we thought was a neat name. 

Inside us somewhere, it says, is the Dark Lady.

Mary Lemon is a mystery.... 

Epona's Wild Daughter         The Maiden               The Poet
(Spirit testing riddling   (joyful young         (Curious flying poetic
helper through hell)       independent growth       deep beauty lover  
                           needs mentoring)      invokes laughter young
                                                   apprentice shaman)

Cat is
                  a watcher over how we ding others
   unconditional love                       changer of perspectives and
    and wildness                            viewpoints and confusion
                  a boundary watcher over our
                        personal gates

The unconditional love card also said "filled with bliss and is
longing to cuddle its way to enlightenment."

Rose is at the extremes of the deck...

         ecstasy                    communication and listening
          unity                     destroyer of fears and finder of truth

and the destroyer of fears card was specifically supposed to be destroying
this stuff so you can open your heart to courage for strength. 
The extremes: the three left-hand cards were low numbers, and the other
two were quite high. 

Todd Lemon is

        initiation              letting go and changing, liberation
                   musical healing and harmony,
                   watcher of self-dinging
       the sage                 shocking people onto their toes,
                                pattern- and wall-breaker

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