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"Kaleidoscope House"

A small two-story wooden house that has been modified to have thick panes of blue and green and red colored glass in some of the windows. The walls are weathered to a greyish tan. The front yard has a worn dirt path leading up to the front door; a cat is sleeping in a sunny patch of grass nestled in a curve of the path. To the left of the front yard, as you are facing the house, is a garden patch that Rose and many other folks tend and love.

Obvious exits include Front Door (north, n) and dirt path (sw, southwest).

Front Door
A weather-beaten old wooden door in the centre of the house.



The hallway is rather dark and narrow, filled mostly by a stairway leading up to the second floor. On either side are doors; the back door is hiding behind the stairway, its window supplying most of the light in the room.

Obvious exits include right door (east, e), front door (south, s), and left door (west, w).

look east
Right door
A weary wooden door which has swollen and shrunk with the seasons until it is marginally out of sync with the doorframe and thus hangs slightly open. You see a papazzan chair and a beanbag chair on the other side.

look south
Front door
Weatherbeaten but tight.

look west
You see nothing special.


Living Room

A surprisingly open living room with shiny hardwood floors and a kitchen area. There are a variety of comfy chairs, including a green papazzan or two.

The papazzan chair is invitingly empty. The beanbag chair is invitingly empty. Obvious exits include hallway (west, w).


Altar to Sara

A forest-green cloth covers this table, which is covered with drawings and tributes from all around.
There are no candles here.
A small handwritten note on the table asks you to drop your offerings and rememberances of those in the Myriad who have been killed.
You see a boggle board, a frog, a princess hat, a blank book, a spirograff, and a printout here.
Obvious exits include hallway (east, e) and counterclockwise (ccw).

Boggle board
A small Boggle(tm) board using just three separate letters - s, a, and r.

A shiny small green frog that seems content to sit in front of the altar meditatively, ribbiting occasionally.

Princess hat
A shiny pink conical affair with netting veil trailing from the tip and gilt rickrack around the base.

Blank book
A mute testament to words unsaid.

i hope you like this sara we miss you

A small computer printout. It has a picture of a frog, and a small orange butterfly, and a mottled purple bubble background, and it says,
"Hi, my name is Sara.
This is my web page. i am 7. i am making a web page because all of us are suposed to. i don't know why. they want us all to talk about who we are. but us littles are the only ones who really want to! so i am doing this. i don't really no what to say. i am only 7 but i am very smart. i no lots about things that im not even suposed to no. sometimes i pretend i am a princess. i like to play with little morgan and lily who is a little that should really have a page! i also like to mak up stories and mostly i just play and watch stuff. there is a lot to watch. sometims miss shirley says i am precocious. i have been around a long time but i am alowed out becase i am good at holding my tongue."


Spare Room
A small, utterly blank room with totally neutral and heavily shielded energy.
Obvious exits include counterclockwise (ccw) and clockwise (cw).

Altar for Miss Shirley

Simple. Quiet.
One black table, draped in dulled black satin.
One silver bowl in the center of the table.
One black feather in the silver bowl,
burning down.

The air fills gently with a thread of terrible acrid smoke.

Obvious exits include clockwise (cw, out).


Dirt path
A hilly, windy, dusty path leading quite a ways off meadowards.

"The Meadow"

A diamond-shaped light green field stretching out in every direction, sloping gently upward in the northern corner. The meadow is pleasantly full of scattered pretty weeds with purple and red and yellow flowers under the wide blue sky.

Obvious exits include meadow (south, s) and dirt path (ne, northeast).

look northeast
Dirt path
A small, dusty dirty path leads off from the meadow's far edge, winding away in a most confusing and hilly manner.

look south
Fields and fields of grass continue rolling off into the distance. There is a tiny barn far off in the distance



Another fucking meadow.
Obvious exits include Barn (west, w) and meadow (n, north).

look north
Fields and fields of grass continue rolling off into the distance. There are a few tiny houses far over there.

look west
You can see a weathered old barn in the distance, from which children's giggles and squeals float through the air

"Straw House"

A high-ceilinged barn with straw scattered lightly across the wooden floor and peeking over the edge of the loft. Sunlight twinkles in from above, filtering slowly down through the dust-thickened air.

Obvious exits include tent (nw, northwest) and Meadow (e, east).

look east
You can see a wide rolling meadow through the big, open barn door.

look tent
A white sheet is draped tent-like over some chairs at the far end of the barn.
There is a crack under one edge of the sheet....
You see a floor and a space on the other side.



Lizbeth's tent is a white sheet hung across several comfy wooden kitchen chairs. It is quite a large tent, light and airy. The floor is strewn with marbles, cookie crumbs, and a face-down copy of "The Wizard's Dilemma." There are two gaps for peeking out through on either end where the edges of the tent don't quite close.

A few patches of floor have been swept clear. You can sit down if you like.
Obvious exits include one crack (nw, northwest) and another crack (se, southeast).

look nw
One crack
A gap between the sheet and the floor reveals a crack of light and what looks like an open door....

look se
Another crack
A few pieces of straw poke in under the sheet at one end of the tent....

Corridor [TARDIS]

A wide, door lined, cream coloured corridor running north-south. The Cloakroom is in an alcove to the east. The Console Room lies to the north.

Obvious exits include north (n, ConsoleRoom, console, out), Cloakroom (cloak, east, e), WestDoor (west, w, door), SouthEastDoor (southeast, se, door), and SouthWestDoor (southwest, sw, door).