tigger lizbeth of kaleidoscope system

lots of pretty pictures!

lizard this is a picture of me but not really it is just the only picture of a little kid they had... but now it is gone so here is a lizard with balloons!! ------------->

i am little of kaleisodoscope's system and i like tigger. he is bouncing ad bouncing. there is a sheep bouncing on my screen right now. all our plants are gone. i am writing this from work and it is not pretty here anymore. even though the big palm leaves were in people's way. everything here is pretty on this page even if it doesn't go together in teh grownup way. i am not going to correct this cause it is stupid to spell things carefully. and boring. i like ice cream and candy and chocolate icea cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and bouncy balls that are hi-bounce balls and sparkly things and glowinthedark. i liek cartoons and toy stores. i like to read. i like to read a lot. i like kitties and i get to have one cause i live in a bigs body!!!! i want to play with other littles but a lot of the time when morgin's littles are out we are big and that is sad. it is hard to stay out. things are boring out here and the filter keeps us back a lot. we will break the filter and then they will see!!!! i like exclamation marks! i liek throwing marbles all over down on the floor and running to collect them! i like sunshine! k bye!

this is vanessa's tea party page it is great talk for littles!

this is where us kids play well it's the page the bigs made for us with stuff we picked out like on this page!

this is the myriads' page we love them so much!!!!! they have neat littles too and they give us so much love!!!!

[rolling marble]

mailbox picturelove, lizbeth *lisa for short* but not little lisa! she doesn't talk


p.s. we tried to make this page on weblittles.org first where they have free pages for littles but then it was broken so we took the pictures and making it here. we sorry.

line of jellybeans

we lik jellybeans too. but only pcitures of them.