The Multiplicity Purity Test

This is a toy only. It is not meant to "diagnose" multiplicity or otherwise tell you whether you're multiple or not. This is because there are many, many different experiences of and ways of being multiple (aka "having MPD/DID") and no one test could cover them all. Besides, what ever happened to self-definition? So this test is based solely on our own experiences as one multiple system. So it really only tests whether you share experiences with us :-) Enjoy!

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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  1. Do you do things you can't explain?
  2. Do you own stuff that you don't remember buying?
  3. Does your outlook on life, or do your goals or political opinions, change completely from day to day or week to week?
  4. Do you have a hard time remembering what different times in your life were like - such as remembering what it felt like to be in high school after you graduate - even if the change was just earlier that year?
  5. Do you experience something similar when you go to work, or into a store - a decreased awareness of wherever you had been before or were going next? such that where you are feels almost like the only real place?
  6. Do you have to pack extra books or clothes when you go on a trip because you have no way of knowing what you'll feel like wearing/reading/doing when you're there?
  7. Do you ever totally forget what you said not even a second ago - like you didn't even hear it?
  8. Do you frequently have mental conversations with yourself? like you're your own peanut gallery?
  9. Do you ever question (or have you in the past) whether you might be multiple?
  10. Do people ever mention things that you've said or done that you don't remember, or reference conversations you don't recall having with them, even though they were apparently recent?
  11. Does the rate at which time passes seem completely confusing to you?
  12. Do you ever get that thing, where like, you'll be having a conversation or staring off into space or whatever, and there'll be like this click, but it's not an audible click noise - it's like a mental click-into-place - and of a sudden you're like, oh, now i'm paying attention, or like the scene starts anew for you - it doesn't rewind or anything, it's just like now you're *there*? BUT you were there before and you were paying attention before, only now it feels different?
  13. If someone asks you what you did yesterday, or last weekend, or this afternoon, is your mind usually a blank at first - if you can even access that information?

Good going!