absinthe: ------- -"O, most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets!"-Hamlet, Act I, scene ii. adam: ---------- "did i say 'natural charm'? silly me. i meant to say 'brass knuckles.'" -c. dani: ---------- "yo muthafucka weeeee!!!!!" - http://threebrain.com/weeeeee.html "Some people have false pregnancies too, but it doesn't mean people don't get pregnant." (Shandra, on FMS and multiplicity) danica: ----- {^)???==| Danica "Everybody lives their lives thinking 'this is reality' and then say to people like us, 'oh, you're just escaping from reality.' They seriously term this scene of waking up, going out to work, going home again, and all that- reality!" -George Harrison, 1967. or, of all things: "I know that creature that you have in your head,/ But I cannot remember his name!" -Lawsuit duck: --------------------------------------------------- "Fry cracked corn and I don't care Leila cracked corn, I still don't care Bender cracked corn and he is greeeat - Take that you stupid corn!" (Bender, on Futurama) lizbeth: ------------------------------------------------ "you can't hurt me with the things that you do, i'll pick up dandelions and i'll give them to you!" - Powerpuff Girls, "Love" precisegirl: -------- "What it is is that that had had nothing to do with it!" - Aeryn or "I don't care about user exile, but lousy English drives me crazy ;)" - danica rose: ------- "It is in love that the whole world will find peace." - a candy wrapper, allegedly from Psalms todd: ------------------------------- "This here is my fence. You're welcome to admire my flowers and offer to help trim this hedge, but don't go watering my lawn." http://www.pamie.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000172.html