pic of kaleidoscope

three years and we finally have a list. this was put together february 28th/march 1st, 2003... or however you want to count years. it's in no order, or anyway just the order in which people remembered each other :-)

Rose: About 26, whether that sounds weird or not. One of the sane people. Calm, very grounded and compassionate all the time. She's a radical, feminist Christian leatherdyke. She is also one of the few people in here who can dress well.

Drami: A complicated question - is she Rose's roleplaying character, or a person in her own right? Described as a "zaftig blonde goddess-worshipping dyke."

Todd: 17-year-old fag, who everyone else is careful to describe as bisexual. Todd himself doesn't really care which he's called. Short blonde hair, flaming, very into cooking, very political. Smokes cloves sometimes but doesn't inhale. Todd's the other person in here who's known for being able to dress themselves.

Steven: Very mature and responsible and grounded. Has some whole mysterious other life inside, about which the more outside-focused people don't really know anything. Used to help the flakier people deal with stuff like paying bills a lot.

Danica: About 17 as well. Very into Doctor Who, very much a science-fiction geek in general. Radical lesbian feminist and writer whose political rage is unfettered by the um... compromises of age :-)

Dani: 19. Genderqueer, glittery, creative, insane. Also stubborn.

Precisegirl: 23? beats me. Very detail-oriented, loves to clean, earned her name before she even got it. Can be very funny.

Emily: young, honey-colored short hair in a bob or A-line cut. this is all coming out just as we write this. who knows?

Duck: Funny! Surrealist writer who can be very silly and ebullient. bubbly. She has an excellent sense of timing and likes to teach people stuff.

Megan: Also genderqueer, very lesbian-feminist-just-coming-out-as-trans, delightedly-exploring-gender. Very kate bornstein.

Derek: 25 or so. Or maybe body age (currently 24). Both a playful "fratboy" and a politically aware vegan. Determined to keep the rest of us acting in solidarity with, for example, economically opppressed women of color forced to work in sweatshops, et cetera, and whatnot. Very down to earth and aware that eating vegan and not buying sweatshop clothes is often a privileged position tho. In general just a "normal guy.' allegedly.

Adam: I dunno, not a very old adult. 19? 20? Anti-social, sarcastic, callous boy. Doesn't mean to come off as astringently as he does; just doesn't understand how other people hear things and how to take that into account. Has some problems with anger, but has spent almost a year working on them with Rose and is much less offensive and abrasive :) Can be funny in a very South Park kind of way.

Vi: very angry woman who feels power in her anger. and to some extent glee. Likes to rant and to cuss out people who she feels really truly deserve it.

Raven: i don't know. a very powerful force of intense anger. Feels like the top of our head is going to come off when raven is around.

Catriona: A very feline being. mayb sort of like a thundercat? um. she is very cool and goes by "Cat" most of the time, and takes care of the kids to some extent, although they're sort of wild and also sort of hang around Rose and have other adult friends in here. She also runs a mailing list for cats and cat-related beings in other multiple systems. It doesn't get much email :)

Absinthe: Highschooler. A little bit strange. Very much a drama geek and ... the sort of person who gets upset because we haven't said "computer, end program" in a long time and what if we're really living on the holodeck in Star Trek and WE DON'T KNOW IT.

Mary Lemon: A sensible/ethereal very sort of psychic person. Very insightful and faerietacular. I think she's highschoolageish too, but she isn't really part of that world. She lives in the trees.

Julia: curly-haired? reddish-darkbrown hair? silly and fun 8-12 sort of age range kid? maybe she's the one who was called "black velvet with stars" cause she said that was her favorite thing. which would make her 9 or so.

Wendy: A Lost Girl. i don't know. information just happens sometimes.

Jeremy: "8 or 9 or something" according to him. Very frank and blunt but not weighted-down with it. Basically feels free to tell it like (he thinks it) is. Says things like "yanno" and "i want me some of those." He is smart.

Tommy: 4. Loves fire trucks and sees them as a sort of animal to love that roams the plains of the city looking for fires to put out. Shy and nice.

Birrd: Fun loving surrealist boy. Identifies as a queer boy. 7 years old. His favorite color is blue or bluegreen or greenblue. He is very effusive and sparkly in his love of people. He likes to be tickled. He thinks fart jokes are seriously the funniest things in the whole world. If anyone in here thinks Kangaroo Jack is funny it will be Birrd.

Mary Arpeggio: Chose that as her last name because that's how her emotions feel - out of control and like they run up and down like a musical arpeggio. Very high-strung and easily freaked out. Rarely comes out anymore. High-school-aged and clearly was out a lot then and had a lot of very stressful and scary stuff to deal with that overwhelmed her.

Cherry: 3 years old. Really likes Sesame Street. Lisps when she talks inside; don't think she's talked outside really. Really likes to play with Lizbeth's "marbows" and look at the pretty colors in them.

Lisa/Liza: Usually spelled Liza and pronounced Lisa. The actual written letter is a combination of the two. 2 years old, just about. Seems developmentally around where Maggie Simpson is, at that giggling almost/sometimes talking stage. Likes to play games with people (which she usually initiates) like "poke the nose and hear the nose noise" and "peek-a-boo, look at me, i'm behind the sofa." Also really likes Sesame Street, especially Cookie Monster and Big Bird.

Abigail: 6. Bossy, pigtailed tomboy who nonetheless likes to put earrings and pink butterfly shirts on the outside body so we look more like a girl. Good writer. Likes unicorns and running around and playing Legos with Connor, the outside kid.

Lizbeth: Another radical feminist :-) Eight years old, very stubborn and very engaged in the world around her. Always pointing out cool sparkly interesting things to people. Biiig fan of marbles; has a large marble collection. Very computer-savvy and likes to create virtual worlds with words and things.

Sassy: 9 years old. Also goes by "sassafrass," "princess sassarina," "sassy sassy bo bassy," and variations thereon. Very bouncy and excitable, even more so than the other kids in here. Seems younger than she is.

Mouse: Very quiet and withdrawn 7-year-old girl. Almost never speaks outside, although that may change. She can be very bossy and sassmouthed to kids she views as her peers, surprisingly. Draws really cool pictures full of color.

Mint!: i had to go through all our email to figure out who i was missing and it was mint. Mint is a twilighty sort of person - that is, she's one of the people who can speak the metaphorical and sideways language of "dark people" in ours and other systems. She really likes peppermint and has a lot of power that she usually chooses not to exercise. Has been very helpful in teaching adults how to deal with hard stuff. Damn smart-ass kids. :)

Meribeth: One of what people persist in calling "dark" people. Twilight-dwellers. Lives in the trees as well, and is queen of all she surveys. Has a lot of insight into people's emotions and meanings and the ability to communicate with them, both "daylighters" and "nightlighters." Has a sense of humor about these rifts between cultures.

Diane: A colleague of Meribeth's. A citizen of her world. Less sympathetic to the plight of mewling daylighter souls. Rarely says so or acts on any of her dislikes.

Sylvia: Another colleague. More detached; has few friends. Will stand in for Meribeth when communication is needed, but prefers to live her own silent leafy life.

general notes: You will rarely see the last three out; this is true of a lot of people in here. The flip side of that is that there is usually a big group of people *around,* so you never know who is out and for all anyone (besides themselves) knows, a lot of these people may hang around close to the surface and just never say anything. ha ha. Um. My idea of a general rule of thumb is that if we're acting like a kid then it probably is a kid. Or, at least one kid :) and in general i think the guys sound (vocally) more like guys and vice versa, genderqueers of course having their own set of rules. Also, if you say someone's name, mention them, or especially compliment them, and they're anywhere nearby, they *will* come out. whether it's obvious or not. Even briefly. i mean, everyone else who was out will still be hanging around, too. We don't generally mind people using this, although don't be a fucking smartass about it. :)

Oh and also, it's perfectly ok to ask who's out but it's totally useless. All it will do is make people giggle and be all embarrassed. The best thing to do is if you think someone specific is out or you're just curious, ask *later.* THEN you get an answer. You CAN ask whether someone is so-and-so, too. That's increasingly likely to get an actual answer. Or better yet, whether "what you just said was personX," or whether "PersonX is around." Cause then no one gets put on the spot. Actually if you asked who was AROUND, rather than "who are you" or "who's out right now," you prolly WOULD get an answer cause people wouldn't feel put on the spot personally.

Oh I might as well add that there are *very few* people who are our friends who aren't, like, practically everyone's friend. I mean, like, there are some people out there where we're all "some of us like you a lot and some of us think you're annoying as hell," or whatever, but mostly it's like, you know, and stuff. I ran out of articulate!!


i (dani) want to make some notes about general groups of people here.

kids: liza, cherry, tommy, abigail, sassy, mouse, birrd, lizbeth, ummmm.... wendy julia jeremy... mint. that stopped being in age order. i put sassy around 6 even though she's allegedly 9 cause it felt right.

twilighters: meribeth, diane, sylvia, mint, *rose.* emphasis mine. others? dunno. absinthe?? or is she just insane.

last names:
abigail, todd, and mary lemon all share the last name of lemon.
lizbeth's is harris. i should have added that lizbeth is hugely british-o-philic. rose's last name was king, but then lizbeth asked her to take *her* last name, so cute, and rose agonized over it (having just figured out what her very own last name was) and then decided to hyphenate. fancy.
those are the only people i know of who have their own, non-body-named last names.