Danica Nuccitelli
238 Faro Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-0438

Davis Senior High School
315  West 14th Street
Davis, CA 95616

Departmental Clubs/Activities
• Student Council representative: 1st semester of 9th grade
• Carpe Diem poetry club: 9th grade
• Volunteered at school snack bar: 9th grade
• Played Jan in “Grease”: 9th grade
• Amnesty International club: 10th grade
• Played a maid in “The Learned Ladies”: 10th grade
• Played The Sorceress’ Apprentice in “Once Upon a Mattress”: 10th grade
• Played a Foolish Virgin in “The Prodigal Son”: 10th grade
• Played Nada Ivanhoe in “Attack of the Moral Fuzzies”: 10th grade
• Science Fiction Club: 10th-12th grade
	10th grade: founder and president of club
	11th grade: secretary, compiled & edited club newsletter
	12th grade: member of club’s governing board
• Masque & Scroll Club: 10th-12th grade
• Ballroom Dance Club: 12th grade
• T.R.I.A.N.G.L.E.S.: The Davis High School Gay/Straight Alliance
	12th grade: founder and president of club

Honorary Clubs
• Thespians (Honorary Dramatic Society): 10th-12th grade
• California Scholarship Federation: lifetime membership

Community Clubs/Activities
• Piano lessons and recitals: 1990-ongoing
• Volunteered at local library:  1991-1994
• Voice lessons and recitals: 1992-1995
• Enrolled in Sac City Community College classes: 
	Introduction to Astronomy: 1992
	Introduction to Logic: 1993
	Introduction to Philosophy: 1993
	General Principles of Psychology: 1994
• Aikido lessons: 1994-1995
• Played Soldier One in “To Destroy You is No Loss”: 1993
• Regular child-care job: 1993-1994
• Played Tillie in “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon
Marigolds”: 1994
• Co-directed “The Magician’s Nephew” at Pioneer Elementary School: 1994
• Created program for “All I Did For Love”: 1995
• Hired as library worker: 1995
• Hired as Role-Playing Gamemaster on America Online (while continuing as
librarian): 1995
• Kaplan SAT preparation course: 1995
• Created tickets for “Romeo and Juliet”: 1995
• Created program for “Scenic Soirée”: 1995
• Founded feminist spirituality club: 1995
• Played Ouiser in “Steel Magnolias”: 1995
• Played Alice in “Pizza Man”: 1996
• Created tickets and prop program for "Sound of Music": 1996

• GSE Algebra Honors: 9th grade. 
• Short story, “Remote Control”, chosen for Spoke (school literary
magazine):  11th grade. 
• Short story, “Remote Control”, published in Australian magazine through
Internet. 11th grade. 
• Poem, “She Changes Everything She Touches”, won poetry section of Human
Relations contest at DSHS: 11th grade.
• Won NCTE: 12th grade. 
• Short story, ”In the Heat of the Night,” published in FiberOptic
Etchings: 12th grade. 
• Commended student in National Merit Competition: 12th grade. 
• Nominated for Bank of America plaque in Liberal Arts: 12th grade. 
• Two poems, “The Agent” and “Our Hands are Bound,” and a short story,
“The IceWoman Cometh,” published in “Tales from the Basement, Vol. 1”.
12th grade. 
• Poem, “Ecstacy,” published in “Word Soup,” a World Wide Web magazine.
• Lettering in Drama: 12th grade. 

Travel Experiences
Summer 1987 - Trip to England for six weeks with my family. 
Summer 1994 - Trip to Italy, Swtizerland, and France for four weeks with
Summer 1995 - Trip to Canada and Washington for two weeks with family. 
Fall 1995 - Trip to Washington, D.C. for almost a week with my father. 

Piano, writing, acting, languages (French and Spanish)

Test Scores
SAT I Math: 610
SAT I Verbal: 780
SAT II Math 1: 620 
SAT II Writing: 760
SAT II Literature: 800

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