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I had some really weird dreams last night.

First of all, it seemed like I wasn't even asleep, for a really long time. Usually I fall asleep almost immediately but I kept rolling over after things went all blurry and wondering why I was still awake and thinking with surprise that I must have been rolling around thinking like that for something like four hours. Of course it couldn't have been, I now realize, because it would have been light, because this only started around 3am. Because I slept and got up again and then went back to bed. Anyway.

Then I began having very realistic (but surreal too) dreams. I dreamed first (I think) that we were in Matt's dorm room and Delacroix was there visiting. She was surprisingly young, maybe 19, round-cheeked with bobbed black hair and red lipstick and sort of a gothish look.

She sat at the desk and I hovered near her, and the longer I stood near her the more weird stuff kept happening. I think I kept losing time, or switching really fast, and I was sort of hypnotized by her, and in my draem she was totally involved with all this cult stuff, and she was like talking about killing people and ritual murder and people in here kept wanting to go do that with her. Not anybody *I* know. And they were just following everything she said like we were hypnotized. And Aeryn and Matt were affected the same way. She left the room to go to the bathroom and I was totally freaked out and running all over the room talking about how something weird was going on and they all agreed and we were saying something about it and then she came back in. And I tried to stay away from her but it was very difficult. I'm not sure what else happened. But in the dream it was like she was waking up stuff in me. ha, that's like a funny paradox or something.

Then I had some other dream where Damien was in it and he was like killing all these people. We kept trying to stop him but he was totally insane and would like break their fake press-on nails off as trophies and he was crazed about the nails and he was married and had a wife and we were trying to tell her I think and we ended up in this little room with him trying to get him to stop killing people and maybe he wanted to kill us I forget. It was all in like the Old West, too, the gold rush days or something.

There were a lot more details to both of these. I hope someone remembers more details later and writes them here.

I also experienced time weirdly the day before - I left work and suddenly it seemed like work had been awfully short, like I'd just gotten there shortly before. I hadn't gotten to work late even, though, and it was past 5 already. When I tried to think back over what I'd done all day, it was like there was an invisible barrier to push through first, like a pillow of air blocking me from directly experiencing most of the memories. I remember that I talked to Matt, ate a slice of pizza, had a meeting with Diane, and repeatedly forgot I was doing the daily release notes, but everything still got done, including tax stuff. (although I did also almost forget I had Jason's car and get on the bus.) I do remember lots of people switching rapidly through and lots of instances of that sort of surprised "oh - I wasn't here before" feeling.


(now be reasonable.)
(you probably just don't notice the things that come to get you when you're awake!)