pic of kaleidoscope

> today we were thinking something about doctor who and someone was all
"watch it or you'll have danica out here!" and we were all "but that's not a
person! that's just our girlname!" and then realized how unlikely that was

Gestalt> I think Lee feels like that
Gestalt> or at least he doesn't fit into this life at all and at least had friends at school > yeah > we've had a lot of issues around that *sigh* we should really figure out who feels like that and why > one theory someone had was that whoever is all longing for college life is really madly in love with whoever fronted at that time (grin) and just longing after them
Gestalt> hmm I wonder if my boy name is someone in the system then? > once when we were questioning being multiple - no maybe even before that, just talking about the intersections of trans and multiple identities -
morgan asked us if there was a different person for each of our gendernames > and we were like, no no no no > definitely not :) > but i think in some ways at least there are
Gestalt> I don't think it is though
Gestalt> we always hated that name
* kaleidoscope did something like that with our genders... and... > omg! > i should go back and look at the datebook where i wrote down what gender we identified as each day! and see what insights that gives me into everyone!!
Gestalt> what did you think of the army getting gendered headaches depending on who's out? > hahah that was weird
Jo[e]> wow, that link was neat.
Gestalt> yeah that's how I worked out I was multiple > i was concerned about the binariness of boy/girl right/left but i enjoyed the ones in the middle being confusing ;) * kaleidoscope nods in satisfaction > aaah gender
Gestalt> by having such completely different gender feelings each day > what a fluid and useful little fucker it is > (grin) we just figured we were weird. > and in fact i think aidan is a genderfluid freak, even though we're still fluid gendered as a system for obvious other reasons too > wow, meta! or layered or something > wowwww
Gestalt> well it was when other stuff came with the gender identity > yeah