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This was an assignment for my self-defense class at Mills, where we had to write about our dating histories.

the key:
* = not monosexual.
? = not sure whatsexual they are.
no mark in bold = some kinda monosexual as far as i know.

Jen picked me up at California's Youth Lobby Day in 1997, long-distance relationship, moved in over the summer and then broke up (repeatedly).
            Stone butch/FTM trans.

Tiffany and I dated for two or three weeks, had sex once, and decided after a while that we weren't having any more chemistry. Mutual dramaless breakup :-)

            Strong Femme.

*Scott was a trans-identified boydyke at the time, explored trans issues together; eventually turned into a close brotherly relationship.

            Dyke to boy.

*Ysa had very intense flirting relationship, but I was too shy to push it as far as we wanted it to go, or at least as far as I wanted it to go! - I was her first girl and she was the first person I asked out. Eventually trailed off. first polyamorous relationship - she had a boyfriend (still does) who was really totally supprotive of us and relaly nice. Still flirt like crazy.

            Bi grrl with a boy side.

*Robin and I met a year beforehand when Robin emailed me as a highschool junior to find out about the Mills College Lesbian Avengers. We hooked up after MUCH flirting, when he came as a prospective. First person I ever pinned against a wall and kissed to pick them up. Another poly relationship - he was dating Aurora, who hated me because I was a threat (she thought) to her and Robin, even though me and Robin lived 3,000 miles apart and sort of got together first. Good long-term, long-distance relationship for a while; now me, Damien, Ian, and *Katy are ... "special friends" ;-)

            Dyke to multigendered bisexual boy to FTM? What were your labels again?

?Elka and I made out a LOT (drunkenly, which is fun) at Kerry's birthday party, but then she got all, like, "I don't want a relationship right now so we need to talk" the next week and I was like, um, ok, neither do I, so whatever... :)

            Tranny of unspecified boyscouty flavor.

*Ann - My girlfriend when I wrote this, a Scorpionic intersexed person. Sort of let her pick me up. We had a long distance relationship for a while till she moved to Oakland to escape her parents. (at which point it became short-distance.)

            Tranny intersexed girlboyfairy.

*Damien - My boyfriend when I wrote this; very very frankly possessive, so the polyamory thing was hard for a long time. Complex gender issues - I was his "first boyfriend" despite not solely identifying as a "boy," and so on.

            FTM. Gender: "straight boy," sexuality: "queer/unknown."

*Matt is my current boyfriend, cute and sweet and hot and a multiple and loving and.... ultra-yay.

            Multi-gendered by virtue of being genderqueer as well as by virtue of having personalities of various genders. (sometime i should split that out into the various specific morgans i'm dating....)

Also Starring

*Mary/Max who I was in unrequited love with for a while in between Tiffany and Scott. We're very good friends, most of the time ;) Max also facilitated one of my favorite sexual experiences.

            Hot multigendered queer.

?Stacy was the first woman I ever loved, one of my best friends at the time, knew her from an online roleplaying game and met her on a trip to D.C.... Unrequited.

Stacy made me realize I was queer; I first identified as a lesbian because all the messages I got were that bisexuality was for people who weren't ready to "really" come out yet. Even though i was FIRST in love (or crushed out) with

?Seth, a very sweet loving femme drama/dance geek, who I swooned over for year. But he already had a girlfriend.

            Femme boy.

*Timanna came later. We never actually went on a date, but we had sex, threesomes, flirted, planned to have way more sex to explore our boundaries and try new things, and we're physically affectionate now in a way which was platonic to us but which used to be very confusing to Damien! (note: now that i've helped morgan write his plato paper, i realize that platonic is the wrong word in every way. tsk!!)

            Intersexed grrl.

*Aeryn and *Jason are my entertaining educational tranny threesome, good flirt- and fuck-buddies.

            MTF Androgyne and FTM genderqueer, respectively.

Wow. Nine genders total? "regular" grrl, femme boy, strone femme [grrl], FTM, MTF androgyne, multigendered, girlboyfairy, bi grrl with a boy side, transbutch... that list is really old, count 'em yerself. There's also a note here about how Ann is intersexed "which I think justifies distinguishing her gender identity from the other multigendered folx. Cause it comes from a different gender base than the FTMultigendered (FT*?) ones."