Dani Nuccitelli
919 44th Street
Oakland, CA 94608
(510) 652-3014

* Operating systems: Familiar with DOS/WIN, OS/2, all Mac systems, Unix
including IRIX and Linux.
* Human languages: English, French, Spanish.
* Computing languages: HTML to 4.0, Dynamic HTML (DHTML). Familiar with
Javascript, BASIC, Java, and CGI/Perl.
* Software: Adobe Photoshop to 5.5, America Online, ClarisWorks, Corel Word,
Fetch, Filemaker Pro, GraphicConverter, GifConverter, Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft Internet Explorer to 5.5, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, NCSA
Mosaic, NCSA Telnet, Netscape Navigator and Communicator to 6, Notepad, qmail,
SimpleText, StuffIt, TeachText, Windows to NT, WordPerfect to 6.0, and Zterm.

                      Activist Work Experience

* FIRE, Pagan Media Activist group
    Founder, December 1996
Created online space via a website and listserv where Pagans could report
religious discrimination and organize to protest it; researched similar
organizations and asked 

* TRIANGLES, Gay/Straight Alliance at Davis Senior High School 
    Founder, Fall 1996
Persuaded every level of high school bureaucracy to allow the founding of
a GSA; found high school teacher who would be willing to function as
advisor; advertised club via flyers and announcements in the weekly
bulletin; trained juniors in managing the bureaucracy and facilitating and
publicizing the club to ensure its continuation after my graduation. 

			Internet Work Experience

* Ask Jeeves: April 2000 - ongoing
    Provided quality assurance for corporate websites produced for companies from
Purina to the State of Washington. Tested useability, functionality, and the
look and feel of sites incorporating Java, javascript, and a few more arcanely
coded applications. 

* Net.Spider Productions: Summer 1999
    Designed and coded site, using CSS tricks but checking for readability
on browsers from Netscape to MSIE to Lynx. Searched for online
information from mp3s to macquariums, developing own search techniques to
find pictures, misquotes, and other information not readily available
through simple text searches.

* Critical Path Intern: Summer 1999 
   Created "brands" for a variety of websites from StarMedia to
marijuana.com; maintained database of bugs and assignments for Critical
Path's branding team; responded to client questions and complaints via

* Open Directory Project Category Editor: Spring 1999-ongoing
   Searched the web for relevant sites; categorized them according to
the ODP hierarchy (people, organizations, various specific topics);
reviewed new sites; updated listings with visitors' suggestions;
sought out websites with underrepresented content for diversity and

* NeoFeminism.Com: 1998-99
(was http://neofeminism.com, but will soon be back up at neofeminism.org)
   Part of HTML coding team; created half of the original content for the
site; advertised on nineteen search engines and web directories;
bug-checked site and corrected errors; copy-edited content.

* incite! web volunteer: 1997-ongoing 
   Recreated links page:  researched activist groups by country and
state; organized them by location, then by goal, then alphabetically
by name; coded links page; wrote and formatted content for the page.
Currently volunteering to help redesign site, which is down for
relocation. Also working as listserv operator: adding and removing members
from mailing list, maintaining a qmail alias, and coordinating online
communication among incite!'s volunteers.

* Excites! a leadership program for K-6 science teachers: 1996-97
   Took pictures of children's scientific experiments and used GifBuilder
to turn them into animated gifs; designed layout and color scheme
differentiating each section of site but connecting them by using similar
structures; took pre-created logo for site and made it into an imagemap
with text links for less capable browsers; used invisible tables to space
text for easier comprehension.

* Web Author, Mills College Information Technical Services:
Fall 1996-Fall 1997.
    Project head for Graduate Dance department pages; created proto
document for planning departmental majors; maintained dance faculty
schedules; collated and indexed icons, buttons, and graphics; set up
faculty vitae; reorganized department pages.