[Public] Aidan: whoa. look what chris sent me...
[Public] Cola: my goodness
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: dammit
[Public] Cola: do you realy need to share that?
[Public] Cola: what?
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: you should warn those of us at work when you
post mild
ly pornographic urls
[Public] Aidan: hahaha
[Public] Aidan: sorry
[Public] Cola: i wouldn't call that pornographic
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: but it doesn't look good getting caught looking
at som
ethign like that at work.....
[Public] Cola: unless squirels turn you on
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep goes in the bathroom and masturbates
pub[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: sshhh!
[Public] Nekkid_xi tells everyone
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep laughs
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep eeps!
[Public] Cola will keep tiffany's secret
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: thank you, cola!
[Public] Nekkid_xi posts it on rumors.wrs.com
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: hey! there's no such thing
[Public] Nekkid_xi: why not?
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: 'cause.  i say so.
[Public] Aidan: well then maybe xi will have to start it just so you can
be oute
d as the squirrelophile you are
[Public] Nekkid_xi: the database is mad that you find the squirrel
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep puts up fliers in the break room discounting the
squirrel rumors
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep cries
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: but the db already broke up with m!
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep sends the db flowers and chocolate with an
[Public] Nekkid_xi: the database is even sexier than it was before
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep cries
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep fantasizes about the database
[Public] Nekkid_xi: the databse was thinking about getting back together
[Public] Aidan: this is so sad!
[Public] Nekkid_xi: until this
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: awwwlkgj;
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep bangs her head against the wall repeatedly
[Public] Database: oh! don't do that homi!
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep sends the db pretty new code
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep gasps
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: database!
[Public] Database: i'll always love you!
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: *sigh*
[Public] Database runs to homi's arms!
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: i'll always love *you*
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep is happy now
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep cries with joy
[Public] Database is jealous of the squirrel
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep holds onto the database and promises she'll never
look at another squirrel
[Public] Database becomes corrupted
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep throws out all her dirty-squirrel calendars
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep fixes db's bugs!
[Public] Database: would you love me more if i were oracle?
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep thinks
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: yes, i'd still love you
[Public] Database: but would you love me MORE?
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: i'd love you if you were sybase
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: no!
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: i couldn't love you more than i do now!
[Public] Database has insecurity issues
[Public] Database would rather be oracle
[Public] Database: or sybase
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: but i love you just as much not being oracle!
[Public] Database cries
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep thinks to herself 'what *is* it?'
[Public] Database falls into a deep depression
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep sends database anti-depressants
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep pays for therpay
[Public] Database: oh, umm. access
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: oh
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: heheheh
[Public] Database: soon to be sqlserver, tho
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: um, i mean. that's great! i like access!
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: i LOVE access!
[Public] Database cries
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep nodnods emphatically
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep sends db flowers
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep eeps!
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep denies everything
[Public] Database knows homi HATES access
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep: no, it's not ture! i don't hate access!
[Public] Database kills herself
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep:
[Public] Homicidal_Sheep kills herself too
[Public] Cola: tht's the most melodramatic db i've ever seen