* "But we're not jumping off a building! We're just putting cat litter in
* our mouths!" - philip

"I am the difrference bewten poulation means and I SOUND LIKE THJIS
aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai"                         -    socks
"you're an odd person, and very entertaining." - jean, to me

"wittgenstein was kinda cool in that he developed not one, but two schools
of philosophy in his life.  one was called logical positivism.  the other
wasn't."  - celeste hutchins

"Both uncle sam and california want a piece of your action." - my dad
"as a working class queer i am used to making people uncomfortable" - star

* "Man, Rome *should* have been built in a day, that's all I have to say
*  about it." - Kieran
* "Wow! I'm in *two*, count 'em *two* .sig files now! Whee! Heck, that's
* almost like being famous!" - Kieran

* "Do you need anything from Lake Merritt?" - my roomate, going out to jog
* "I have a book collection that would make Cola come." - sophie
* "The toilet is talking to me again."  - jane (daria)
* "Man, Rome *should* have been built in a day, that's all I have to say
*  about it." - Kieran

"well you need to get her a rock, and then I'll believe you, I think that
this whole thing is a giant hoax, and that you are actually a
super-intelligent being from the planet Lesbatron, here to take over all
of our lesbians" - chris, of shaved weasel fame

Chris:  but you didn't answer my question, are you trying to
relive the David Bowie Ziggy Stardust days of yore, with your sparkly
platform shoes, and gender bending outfits of glitz and shine?
Me:  yes. yes i am.
Chris:  cool. you truly are the Velvet Goldmine.

"...Bisexuality and homosexuality are characteristics
not of twisted nature, but of generous nature." -- Susan McCarthy,

The Love .Sig: "good danica. you get a biscuit of looooove" -cola, cause i
communicated with robin...."i'm a sucker for looooove things. you may
quote that" -scrawl.... "nakey is fun.  nakey is FREE." - cola

 * http://www.bombdiggity.com/shrapnel * "oh FUCK you're ODD." - scott *
(Caution! ITAR Controlled Munition below:
print pack"C*",split/\D+/,`echo "16iII*o\U@{$/=$z;[(pop,pop,unpack"H*",<>

"Mushrooms are a sadistic tool of the forces of darkness. How many times a
day do you say to yourself, 'I'm going to fix myself a nice heaping bowl
of FUNGUS?' NEVER!"  - Robin McAdams

"'ooh baby' adds nothing to a debate." - clst
"You're lucky I'm the kind of freaky person who can hold a conversation
while actually having an orgasm or else you'd be shit out of luck right
now." - robin

me: hee hee hee. .sigs are beautiful things.
cola: they really are.  they progress with you.  they can stay the same
always or change from day to day.  hell, it's like gender. ;)
"Nutricious, delicious and gender-rific!  Get she/he for your kids!"
- Charlotte Oliver

** and now... the super-over-long .sig file! **
"You're lucky I'm the kind of freaky person who can hold a conversation
while actually having an orgasm or else you'd be shit out of luck right
now." - robin!!
"i think door is a very good name for you, btw.
deep. mystical. symbolic.
slightly smutty." -- Jean
"i was all sticky for hours on end!" - nicole
"i'm the fizzy sugar beverage of loooove." - cola-dogg
"(This message has been brought to you by the wonderful people at
Where-did-that-come-from Industries.)" - Grollwynn
"Oh wow. I have reached a new level of infamy." - robin
"that is more than 4 lines long, and there are no rat quotes in it! fie!"
- ratty on seeing this .sig!

Hobsons's Choice, n. 
              "The dilemma faced by trans people who must choose
              between no access to medical treatment, or a repressive,
              intrusive, slow and insensitive process by which they will
              be treated only on terms intolerable to anyone whose
              fundamental identity is not at stake."
-Claire McNab, http://www.pfc.org.uk/satire/devildct.htm

"The net is not a democracy. It's a collective anarchy." - damon
"boggling. boggling. mtf trannies with hair on their ...  sorry, i seem to have shorted out." - jean falls_apart
"Love is not something that belongs indoors." - andrea straw
"oh that makes me happy that andrea called me hir. i'm a little trannie,
short and out!" -- scott

       "You go get her, you crazy girlboydykefag, you!" - sharon

"I'm not a woman (but I play one in bed sometimes...)" - shahn

"My Mom was waiting for me to tell her I was a dyke. She was a bit
surprised when I told her I was a fag!" - Mark Russel Stanley

"i can think of few things i enjoy more than sharing garlic breath with
someone i care about."  -- timanna bennett.

"why, when I was a kid, never wore any pansy dresses or played with
dolls or had long hair with  braids or *ever* played with my little
ponies. I demanded wot be called fred and I liked girls  and that's why
I'm a normal redblooded trannyboy. " - damon@demona.com

"The police and the army are basically the same in any country, except the
police stay home and the army goes abroad." - Bert Gordon, history
professor at Mills College.

                   * gay boy
                    \_,___                  http://come.to/sphere
                           \             your one-stop queergendered shop!
   * butch boy  ..........   * bi grrrl
                       * andro

"Hey, what's that smell, it smells like perspiration, pot, and freedom all
rolled into one!!! IT'S DANICA!!!!!*giggle*" -Tanaria Silverhair

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               mailing list contact:  danica@mills.edu

~~~~~~Epicene; salmacian; arenotelicon; gender outlaw; and scratter.~~~~~~
or see http://www.wavefront.com/%7Eraphael/raq/angels.html for definitions
"To survive love, you must become love." - Rob Brezsny


"listen, there's a hell of a universe next door: let's go!" -e.e.cummings

"What I really love about this country is that it hates unfairness, and it
hates discrimination. And once people are forced to even think about their
prejudices, most people decide they don't want to be prejudiced. And they
don't really remember why they felt so strongly about it in the first
place...." Sheila Kuehl, the new first woman/lesbian speaker pro tem of
the California Assembly