pic of
lil shroomies

collected .sig files
Ann's quote page
Diane's quote page
Shahn's quote page
Scott's resume
the color Timanna's gender would be
the official .plan file
A file of info on Astarte, done for a friend
Beckala's proto-homepage
Drinks named after or created by friends
Notes on computer/art class with Cola
I think Clst wrote this?

Same, from our first year of Mills
Jean giggling
Jean petting a kitty
A really dark picture of Kate and Typsy
Sophie, Amy, Xi in the kitchen
Jean in the 1970s

me getting my eyebrow pierced
me getting my eyebrow pierced, farther away
piercing, somehow upright now
eyebrow with Tiffany
A really dark picture of Mia
Tiffany with a rose

Ratty sipping a beverage
Becca Plum all happy
Roz and Chicken
Roz the kitten being supercute
Roz being scared
Blue-haired girl (on the left) - sneaky pic
Xep... or possibly an orange blur.