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you can read entertaining quotes by andy workman, or chris or matt or ann or shahn or diane or damien.

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matt is a lovely boyfriend.

robin is good, but his urls change more often than his clothes.

Cola has a new web page!

Sophie and her radioactive hamster habit!

Billy/Drea, my tasty-gendered ex-roommate!

Ratty is sparkly and good.

Jean! she rocks. Mills alums, woohoo!

psst - fuck mills and their fascist stripping alums of accounts and students of webpages.

Avery the coolest Pagan this side of the Goddess.

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[ Joke ] Message 1884 (2 left): Wed Dec 3, 1997  1:16am
From: elephant (dearevln@ella)
Subject: the one "person" who's having fun...
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Tue Mar  7 22:50 -- lcl is having fun in stern with the monster WWW

Everybody else is:   fried      frustrated
                        sleepy      statistical

                in the depths of despair

(and, generally,)

    fucking sick....

                        gonna bite you on the arm, boy!