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lil shroomies "i am a boygirl, ftmtf, bisexual, faggot boy, medium girl, a big old tranny, a complete slut, hormonally dysphoric, beautiful queer." -- edwin/ann/rivers/raven elizabeth gawain

me: okay, if you open the vodka bottle for me, i'll go turn the vcr off. it'll be what we call a, um, um, a....
edwin: "menage a trois?"

edwin, sniffing a bottle of absolut citron enthusiastically: "Mm, that smells JUST like rubbing alcohol! Boy, pour me a cotton ball full of that!"

"The elbow is a symbol of mankind's love for mankind."

[ Work ] Message 1000 (2 left): Fri Jan 14, 1900  11:32am
From: the librarian (stimpy@ella)
Subject: the winners of ann's don quixote sensual book awards
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the prize for silkiest pages within a book about cervantes' don quixote
goes to _cervantes across the centuries_ by angel flores and m.j.
bernadete (1947)
the prize for the most pleasant book to stroke (both cover and pages) on
the subject of don quixote goes to _la lengua del "Quijote"_ by angel
rosenblat (1971)
for more information and to touch the winners, visit the 863.3 C419dD
section of fw olin library (actually, they are still in process, so wait a
few weeks.)