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Melissa: She's paying $1050 for her apartment. I mean, she makes a lot more, but still, you don't want to spend money on that--
Diane: You want to spend it on hookers and booze!

"Yeah aidan, you're a black hole of emotional despair. I've been meaning to tell you since i met you."

"If they can't recognize a 6 foot tall black woman after three fucking months, they have bigger problems than security." - Diane on the new photo-badge policies.

me: i wasn't saying it was IMPROBABLE that she'd want to marry a texan man. i was saying that it was improbably that getting married would in any way turn her into a texan man
diane: that's what you think
diane: think outside the box aidan
diane: sheesh
me: it's true, it's been a while since i took biology
diane: anything is possible
diane: and it's easy to change your accent
diane: believe me
diane: i'm from nigeria!
me: and there are operations for the rest
diane: true that
diane: so really
diane: what's to stop jackie
diane: from becoming a texan man
diane: except her imagination
me: she really is thinking outside the box
me: LOL
diane: we should be more like her

diane: did i tell you that i got to write a term paper on shaft? and i got to use the phrase 'bad motherfucker' in my thesis.
me: ooo.
diane: my premise was that shaft - the opening credits were set up to say that shaft is a 'bad motherfucker.' and the rest of the movie went on to prove it.
me: and what did you get on this paper?
diane: an A!!
me: and what does this teach us?
diane: that life is fair!

"My sympathy is limited to the words 'Bite me.'"

"Does she just turn off when you're not touching her?!" - in frustration at a computer that appears to always be shut down

"she is a total bitch.
tell all your friends i said so."
- Diane on Bitchcakes.

(allan comes over and stands by diane's desk making punching noises)
me: oh no! there's going to be a big fight!
allan: I know I'd lose.

diane: live in the world, aidan!
me: i don't wanna live in the world! it's not pretty!
diane: (with bitter sarcasm) but it includes hourly useage data info!!

"Start the afternoon off right with some butt humor."

fabgl: "Hello Corp Web!
Matt Kellner wants you to check out the hottest desktop application available for free download on the 'Net today!"
fabgl: "You guys ought to check out this program. =) It`s a great way to stay up-to-date on local weather."
fabgl: *shoots him*
trophyboy: anyone who talks about himself in the third person
trophyboy: has BIG problems
trophyboy: matt kellner wants
fabgl: i think it's an automatic spam generator
trophyboy: what matt kellner can't have
trophyboy: i know
fabgl: eeewwww tho
trophyboy: i was just being sarcastic
trophyboy: matt kellner
trophyboy: thinks
trophyboy: that matt kellner
trophyboy: should get a promotion
fabgl: LOL
fabgl: i should reply and say "are you INSANE?"
trophyboy: to which he would answer:
trophyboy: "would you like to see my log analyzer tool?"
fabgl: eeeeeeeeeew
fabgl: "i just updated it today!"
trophyboy: heh heh
trophyboy: ugh
fabgl: "this is version!! there will be more new developments tomorrow!!!!"
fabgl: " = ) "
trophyboy: i wouldn't be surprised if he updated in his pants

Diane, reading this web page: "I sound funnier online."

"I want a hovership. That would be exciting. Then I could be a pirate of the stars."

On an annyoing coworker: "Maybe he thinks he's a super spy and the time he wastes doing logs is taking away from his time hunting criminals in the french riviera."

"People are art."

"Someday I wanna be a big gnarly bastard. That's like my goal in life. That's my resume objective."

"in my off time i'm checking the classifieds for housing - my dream, of course, is to find a rent-controlled two bedroom apartment with hardwood floors and crystal chandelliers. instead all we've seen are tool sheds with carpeting and a hot plate."

"I am the physical manifestation of righteous indignation."

"All my jewelry comes from the hardware store."

"Chimp plus spacesuit equals good times."

"Ok, like, Real Life 101: Girls have valuable things to say."

trophyboyfriend: jeeves is so wham bam thank you ma'am
trophyboyfriend: without the thank you
scott: yes insead of thank u he fires yer ass
trophyboyfriend: pretty much - aidan got the money on the dresser
trophyboyfriend: and jeeves was gone in the morning
trophyboyfriend: that's some cold shit

"when you volunteer at an anarchist colletctive, it's very hard to get someone to tell you what to do."

"It isn't a tea party until someone yells 'Yeah! Suck that cock!'"

diane: awesine
diane: i meant
diane: awesome
diane: but that looked like a cross between awesome and asinine
dani: hee hee hee
dani: it's the sine of awesome
diane: exactly - i am the square root of cool

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