Val Cox
149 Montecito #203
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 268-3648


Operating systems: Familiar with DOS, Windows to 98, Mac to OS9, Unix, and Linux including Red Hat and Mandrake.
Languages: English, Spanish, Portugese.
Software: ClarisWorks, Fetch, GifConverter, Instant Messenger, Ircle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, NCSA Telnet, Netscape Navigator and Communicator, SimpleText, StuffIt, WordPerfect, and Zterm.

Computer Experience

  • 1995: Taught 9 to 13 year old boys how to use Macintosh Performas and accompanying software, in both English and Portugese.
  • 1999: Repeatedly installed Windows 95 on a slave partition of Linux machine, troubleshooting to force it into the second partition.
  • 1993-present: Installed programs including Ircle, Netscape, mp3 players, games, image programs, etc. on every operating system listed above.

    Employment Experience

    Claims Processor, Pathmakers, Fall 1999

      Entered claims into company database; processed and filed patient records; troubleshot Windows 98 when system crashed.

    Assistant Manager, Wherehouse Records, 1998-99

      Supervised employee shifts; tracked inventory and sales through DOS-based system; compared physical inventory with computer records.

    Security, Hamburger Mary's, 1998

      Supervised bar patrons; monitored and controlled alcohol-related incidents; assisted in cleanup of bar and nightclub area.