pic of
lil shroomies
"You know what Einstein did? Got Ds in his math classes! Know what happened to him? He DIED!!!" - damien!

"Do not link my self-confidence to my anus!"
- damien, about some fucked-up constipation ad on Lifetime

"I've shared too much! And for too low a price!!"
- after rambling about his mom dying in a train wreck when he was two and his dog molesting him and i don't know what all else in response to a Vicks ad....

damien: ::hopefully:: do we have any vanilla ice cream?
me: yes! and before you ask, no i'm not getting you any.
damien: ::pained noise:: but i'm being so witty!
me: yes, but you're already getting an exchange for that: your own quotes page!
damien: but i'm cute too!
me: and for that you get my body.
damien: but i don't want your damn body! i want ICE CREAM!

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