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Chris, aka Gimpy, has requested his own quotes page. This is what resulted.

Chris on learning that robin the evil one messed up this page: "But how are you going to be able to spread my non sequiturs all over this cheese infested world?"

"I think that it would be funny if somebody glued Martha Stewart to a squirrel. let's see her make a cute center piece out of that. and then someone should shove a stick of TNT down her throat and then kick her in the butt with a wooden leg, and then get a blind fat monkey to laugh at her, while Robert Dole opens a can of whoop ass on Ross Perot."

Gimpy2517:	it's not even 1:00 in your place, that is crazy
Gimpy2517:	you are soo far behind the times man
fabglitter:	LOL
fabglitter:	the light from the sun actually takes three hours and
eight minutes to reach us
Gimpy2517:	I mean think of all the things that you are missing out on
fabglitter:	man, if it blew up and went supernova, we wouldn't find
out for like EVER
Gimpy2517:	I know
Gimpy2517:	and just think what if someone invented a time machine and
you all didn't find out about it for three hours, but by then everyone was
already in the future, and you were stuck here
fabglitter:	whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
fabglitter:	that's TRIPPY!
fabglitter:	it's okay, i know people on that coast who would come get
me :-) 
Gimpy2517:	no way man, we would totally be in the future living the
good life

Me, about this page: Now THAT'S entertainment!
Chris: Not like that Jell-O sculpture of Boutrous Boutrous Ghali that we thought would be sooo much fun...but it just kind of jiggled some, and then we ate it.

"I had something to say, but I think that I was abducted and gang probed, so i don't remember it now." - chris

Gimpy: I'm watching Emeril
Gimpy: and yes, he is kicking it up a notch...
Gimpy: Emeril is this TV chef guy. and he is weird, cause he always says "Kicking it up a notch"
Gimpy: and "Bam!"
fabglitter: .woww
Gimpy: Emily's parents watch it alot
fabglitter: yay emily's parents
fabglitter: i enjoy wacky cooking programs
Gimpy: this guy is super whacky
Gimpy: he's from Brooklyn, but his parents are from New Orleans
Gimpy: and he kills and eats small children
Gimpy: but not on the air of course

fabglitter: i enjoy this exchange:

    typsy: i'd like to buy the world a screwdriver, and then throw a party for them at the edge of a cliff
    timanna: wow. ...you might need to buy em more than one for it to be the kind of party yer talking about.
    typsy: heh. okeee... 5, then, 5 each should do it for most.
Gimpy: screwdriver the tool, or the potent potable
fabglitter: potent potable which i can now buy legally!!
Gimpy: WEEEE!!!!
fabglitter: yaey!
Gimpy: BALOOOOOOGAAA!!!!!!!!
fabglitter: wow!
Gimpy: what?
fabglitter: ::takes away yer screwdriver:: i think you've had enough, young man!
Gimpy: but I'm not drunk....
Gimpy: and how am I supposed to fasten things with screws now?
fabglitter: use nails like everybody else!
fabglitter: damn hardware whore
Gimpy: I prefer the term tool wench.

fabglitter: why does it smell like cheerios all of a sudden?
Gimpy: ummm...because all the inhabitants of Akron, OH sneezed, and then something with chaos theory, and viola.

On the South Park Movie:
"I think that a giant sex organ in the woods would scare me a whole lot. and if you rubbed it would the whole forest get off, or what? That part confused me."

Apropos of nothing:
Gimpy: eat the monkey
fabglitter: tofu monkey?
Gimpy: no way man, you gotta take life by the horns and eat the fucking monkey.

"Conserve water, drink booze."

fabglitter: do you have your own web page yet?
Gimpy: no, I'm a lazy fuck, plus I don't know enough stuff to make it not suck
Gimpy: cause with me it's got to be perfect or nothing at all
fabglitter: you could comission robin to make it not suck. you could make it and then be all, "robin, does this suck?"
Gimpy: and she would be all, "Yes, a whole lot"
Gimpy: "the least you could have done was spell your own name right"

"Those damn Canadians think that they are so superior, just because they are. I think that we definitely need to invade Canada... just to show those fucking Canucks whose continent they live on."

"'I knew this was going to be a night of wanton desire and lewd orgasms.' Lewd...as opposed to proper orgasms. yeah. like, orgasms that are characterized by decorum and restraint. Excuse me sir, I have arrived..."

Gimpy: it's not the weathermen that control the weather, it's spiteful gnomes withh ADD
Timelady: whoot!
Gimpy: it's true, it will be winter, spring, and summer here within a coupla days, often within the same day
Timelady: yeah, here too i think
Timelady: it's all the water, man
Gimpy: yeah, but Oakland is filled with weirdos so it doesnt matter

"Nothin' says lovin' like a bag of shaved weasels." --Chris (Gimpy)

"When life gives you lemons, kill someone with them. The lemons, I mean." --Another gem from Gimpy
(those two are from robin's page)

Chris: but you didn't answer my question, are you trying to relive the David Bowie Ziggy Stardust days of yore, with your sparkly platform shoes, and gender bending outfits of glitz and shine?
Me: yes. yes i am.
Chris: cool. you truly are the Velvet Goldmine.

"I think that this whole thing is a giant hoax, and that you are actually a super-intelligent being from the planet Lesbatron, here to take over all of our lesbians"

"I know where the clit is, I'm special. it's right at the top of that thing above that other thing, and it's all, 'hey, whoa, don't stop, and stuff.'"

"I think whoever came up with names for genitalia was like let's give these things the dumbest names possible, so that no one will ever want to have sex. I mean if you were a guy who didn't know what a vagina was, you'd be all "You want to stick it in a what?!?! A vagina, that sounds like some sort of meat processing unit. Man......funk that."

"What is reality anyway. it could all be one big collective acid trip, and then when you take acid you are actually getting to reality, so in actuality reality is full of weird colors and shapes, and the occasional tap dancing dinosaur."

"Lost in thought. Be patient it's new territory for me."

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