So This Is Me...

Hello! This is my first attempt at doing anything related to computers or the net, so please be patient with me. "I'm typing as fast as I can! [angst]"

So, my name is Rebecca, I am a junior at Mills College, 20 years old, a Taurus (Capricorn rising), born and raised in the Bay Area.
I am a Pagan Jewish Dyke, aspiring to a life of bleeding-heart activism and social work, mostly in the Pacific Northwest and Mexico. I'd like to call myself a socialist, but I'm too ignorant at this point for such a lofty title, so we'll just say I'm "questioning" my political identity.

My passions are photography, children, reading and writing, Mexico and Bolivia (or any other Spanish-speaking country that isn't Spain), magic (click on magic to see a picture of my tatoo), and the Lesbian Avengers.

I have a huge and complicated family, made up of my father, mother, step-father, two step-brothers and their wives and children, a half-brother, a sister, Shayna, and my chocolate standard poodle, Annie.

So, thanks for visiting with me, and please feel free to write to me at
Have a great day, week, life, whatever!!! :)