Conversation with Trent, 09/28/00
html cheerfully stolen from morgan :-) I consider this conversation to be an experiment intending to demonstrate that Soul Coughing is Life.

trentthegood: wow, you really do exist...
trentthegood: Hi, I'm Trent, I don't think we've properly met...
fabglitter: vive la france!
trentthegood: but the french hate us...
trentthegood: I spent many bored hours at work looking at your page. It's impressive...
fabglitter: tang!
trentthegood: indeed
fabglitter: dropped here! by the hand of the Astronaut!
fabglitter: is you got a dog?
trentthegood: 2
trentthegood: a chihuahua and a corgi
fabglitter: you don't use words like that! st. louise is listening
trentthegood: st. louise?
fabglitter: she's widely known, the only maquereau that pays her taxes.
trentthegood: you're silly...
fabglitter: i know you're a supra genius
trentthegood: how do you know that?
fabglitter: because the radioman fucks a model too
fabglitter: put the fake goatee on
trentthegood: dammit... how did you know about my fake goatee?
fabglitter: In the dark your brain glows, and it goes: Way um way, way um way um
fabglitter: oh I heard a sign--it was a dull crack.
fabglitter: it was a clock hand
trentthegood: oo oo I just found out my Primary Care Physician used to work at a clinic that did FTM surgeries!! yay!
fabglitter: born to be a god among salesmen.
fabglitter: working the skinny tie, slugging down fruit juice....
fabglitter: i met a girl on rollerskates. she had a spare bag. she had lost some weight. Where I used to work, she was a waitress.
trentthegood: must go be a geek now..

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