Sidebar for Travolta/pres./media article: We have a new theory here: TIME has a marketing department which figures that their sales will explode if they put subtle sexual metaphor in everything. Consider:

"SPACE: Snapshots from Europa. Is this warm, wet moon of Jupiter bursting with alien life?" The article referenced positively wriggles with joy at having such hot, wet, fertile images for its readers, and writer Jefferey Kluger makes the most of it. "Almost lost in the excitement [of discovering ice on the moon] was news from a far more distant and far wetter world. According to the crispest images yet from the Galileo Jupiter probe, there is more reason than ever to think that beneath the icy skin of the Jovian moon Europa there lies a warm, amniotic sea in which heat, moisture and organic chemicals may have already allowed life to take hold."
Man probes Europa, breaks through her icy demeanor - and skin - and discovers a hot, fertile, wet, and willing metaphor to explore. Sadly for TIME's more abstinent readers, Kluger doesn't continue with these images as much as he could, but he does throw us a bone - the Galileo scientist quoted later on is named James Head.

BOOKS: An epic novel taps the lushness of Puerto Rico
Three words: Colonialism Is Rape.

THEATER: A white painting causes a stir on Broadway The Broadway play in question is Art, and it's about the purchase of an all-white modern painting. The title of the actual article strikes me as odd; "Three-Finger Exercise." More gentle erotic images for us to enjoy; that subscription is worth it!

MUSIC: Madonna has (surprise!) reinvented herself again
"Unlike some of Madonna's previous hot and sexy albums, this one is resolutely frigid--if you licked this album your tongue would stick to it. The music and Madonna's vocals are, on the surface, direct and unemotional. However, the contrast between the chilly surface and the confessional nature of many of the lyrics creates a tension, even a passion."