pic of
lil shroomies

" it is most of the time like being somebody without name.
Populate the subsistence asking me what is my name
' I do not know. But people call me Shahn. Went by Serena. At last a certain hour like Jack and Sara and Ser and some other names '
Most of the time I say that I am genderqueer of ftm and lets people chew on that "
-- Shahn, recapitulating what means being genderqueer to hir it.

" I then to live without sex, they have dildos for that. But single marks a good belt-on the pressure " (shahn, on the IRC)

" it is not simply a vagina. It is an adventure "

" friends? Love without conditions? No love is without conditions. None. I do not believe it... Heh. I could be a turn with DysfunctionLand. ' travel in the major sown mistrust of Shahn. It is a ticket of E! '

" food of the need for the ok I
Chicken Bearing!
I like the chicken bearing.
Returns to me SO happy
- Shahn: verse free involuntary.

" I noted that on T I feel like there is a crew of construction in my trousers "

" I always, in much from ways, feeling as I pass by the life with the formation rolls. And I really think, very that I must make is to long enough cease looking at and notification they went "

" well, I call my clit a dick. I like it. I become wet and hard of only one feature. It smells Zen thus... "

(on the calciner) "ouais, it is married but it is always my bitch."

"You know one UM, where it is all -- shit, I forgot it."

Timelady: you are SO NICE
Papabear: Why am I nice?
Timelady: and soft

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