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Republicans For Nader

The liberal media wants to keep these elections simple. Either Gore or Bush, they tell us. If you're liberal, voting Nader is "throwing your vote away;" for conservatives, the situation is even worse: they refuse to cover actual issues. Here you can find them, collected and outlined by real Republicans: the reasons why YOU should vote for Nader.

Now: Three new reasons to vote for Nader! Dubya has been arrested three times, including a drunk driving conviction; Even the Republican Party itself is running pro-Nader ads; If you find a Democratic Nader supporter who was voting for Gore, and team up, you won't be taking votes away from Bush (because the Gore vote would have canceled it out) - instead, you'll both be supporting Nader! (You can find voters at VoteSwap 2000. Click on the flag above for even better reasons!

Brought to you by Republicans for Nader, 2000.