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idea: organize a group of orgs whose sites are wrongfully blocked to sue!! possibilities: NOW, GLAAD, QRD, EnviroLink, Important article - who blocks what "GLAAD told Dispatch they were especially surprised that CyberPatrol blocked gay political and journalism groups since the anti-defamation organization has a representative on the "Cybernot" oversight committee, which meets every few weeks to set policies. However, Dispatch learned the oversight group never actually sees the previously top-secret "Cybernot" list. They don't know what's *really* banned.

"Why should, for instance, be blocked? There's no excuse for it, said GLAAD's Klein. "A journalism newsgroup shouldn't be blocked. It's completely unacceptable... This is such an important resource for gay youth around the country. If it weren't for the Net, maybe thousands of gay teens around the country would not have come out and known there were resources for them."

"He's right. Even a single directory at the QRD, such as the Health/AIDS area, has vital information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the AIDS Book Review Journal, and AIDS Treatment News." Ok, Solid Oak Technology makes CYBERsitter, one of the many anti-smut programs floating around that parents can install to limit their kid's websurfing. Please note that list of blocked sites is secret and that it includes, soc.feminism, as well as soc.fat-acceptance etc... reprinted letter from their tech support: Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 19:56:45 -0800 From: Technical Support To: Blake Subject: Re: Just in Time Here's some more adolescent grammatical and conjugational errors Blakie boy... Go stick your pecker in a door and slam it! Oh yeah, don't send us any more e-mail. We flat out are not interested in your o pinion. Got it? On 03/23/97 10:33pm you wrote... > >Your company has made a grave mistake in responding with such >blatant immaturity to well-documented charges of culture >bias against your software. Having read your response -- >to block the sites that critique you, along with other >'liberal' and progressive content -- makes me suspect >that *you* are the organization run by a juvenile >(a suspicion confirmed by the adolescent grammatical >and conjugational errors on your own site.) > >I'm glad I happened to come across this ugly, ugly >expose before talking to my telephony clients, who are >about to launch a broadband service linked with a reputable >parental filter service. Obviously, you are anything but that. >We'll stick to the real companies. > >Blake > >................................................................ >B l a k e K r i t z b e r g C o n s u l t a n t > W-K Group >814.274.4229 > >