Name: Drami Marie Amadi Screen name: DramiAmadi Nickname: The Witch Age: 28 Birthdate: November 20, 1967 Gender: Female Race: Human Ethnicity: White. From Down South, but most of her family was originally from France. Hair: Blonde. Usually hangs loose to her shoulders, constantly being pushed out of her face. Eyes: Hazel: either green or brown, depending on the light and the colors around her. Height: 5’1” Weight: 130 lbs. Build: Very *ample*. Well-endowed. “Zaftig”. Religion: Brought up in a fringe Pentecostalist group, then converted to neo-paganism in college. Specifically Eclectic Wiccan. Occupation: FBI agent. Virtues and Vices: Conscience and Lack Of Discipline Talents and Skills: Inconspicuousness - 8 Paranormal/Magic (Hypnotism) - 12 Eclectic Religion: 8 Cooking: 10 Music - 12 Strength: Strong enough; not particularly mus+++