I went to Fairy Butch, our local extra-fab queer wimmin cabaret club thing last night, and I thought I should buy a drink so I would have an excuse not to dance. So I sidled up to the bar and stared at the liquor supply for a minute. Then I told the bartender that I wanted something with the Godiva chocolate liqueur in it. She whipped out a big brandy glass and made up a drink. I asked her if it had a name, and she said "What's your name?" So I said, "...Aidan." and she said, "It's the Aidan!" I just thought that was incredibly rad. So - Yay for the CoCo Club bartenders!!
The Aidan
Put in a few ice cubes
Fill half the glass with Godiva liqueur
Splash in some orange liqueur
Splash in some Cointreau
Flavor with milk
Spray whipped cream all over the top
The ingredients for my homepage
Six oz. of queer stuff(trans preferred)
Three oz. of fun stuff (a variety of flavors; improvise!)
A finger of pagan pages (goldschlager, baby!)
A splash each of geekiness and useless projects
Top with whipped-up activism.
(Stir and serve. Drink with some friends.)

Really new crap: Vintage writings and Society for the Worship of Robin (West Coast Chapter).

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