FTM Erotica Anthology

Frederique Delacoste
Cleis Press
P.O. Box 14684
San Francisco, CA 94114

Dear Mr. Delacoste:

What is it like to be a pregnant man having sex?
Where are the best places to touch a boy with bound-down breasts and a strap-on?
What bathroom do a bisexual boy and an FTM drag queen use for a quickie?
How big can you make a trannyboy's homegrown dick?

"Best FTM Erotica" will answer these questions in thirty short stories about the knuckle-tightening truths of sex on the spectrum of female-to-male transgendered identity. In these stories trannyfags, intersexed folks, multigendered boys, regular guys, and stone butches open up about everything from masturbation-induced revelations for a disabled stone butch on testosterone to the trials of "sneaking in" to fag bar culture.

The field of transgender erotica is only beginning to bloom, peopled by a few independent filmmakers, even fewer queer erotic publishers, and a wide range of eager trannies writing just for their friends and lovers. "Best FTM Erotica" draws from this last pool of zine authors, transgendered support groups, and online mailing lists.

Potential markets for this book are as varied as the transgender community itself. It will appeal to all sorts of book-buying queers, from those who love bending gender to those who just buy everything that includes gay porn. The popularity of these themes has been demonstrated already by the swift rise in FTM and genderqueer porn in the pages of On Our Backs, as well as by the way mainstream television shows such as Young Americans appropriate transgender issues in order to get ratings and attention. This book will target the very trans-friendly bisexual community, gay readers who are looking for something a little different, and the female-to-male transgendered readers who are starving for erotic images of themselves.

I am a multigendered FTM writer and activist. I believe that pride in and love for our bodies is crucial to survival as transgendered people, and that erotica is an important step towards achieving that. I have been collecting independently written erotica on the FTM spectrum for several years, and writing much of my own. While I have a full-time job in the internet world, writing and collecting material for anthologies is my passion. I have published erotica in the upcoming anthology Gender Perverts, edited by Dawn Atkins and Lon Sarver, have been accepted for publication in Isaiah Gidseg's Trans Youth Anthology, and I am a regular contributing writer and editor for neofeminism.com.

All submissions for this project should be completed by the end of the year, with an estimated total length of 40,000 words in 30 short stories. Five sample stories are attached. Thank you very much for your attention; I have enjoyed Cleis Press' array of trans- and sex-positive books for many years, and hope to have the chance to add to their ranks.




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