I want to whip out a flaming sword and write it on the side of Mills Hall in letters so high they can be seen all the way to Simi Valley.

Yes, I am a militant, violent, uncompromising angry man-hating dyke. You may have heard of me; I'm the one who gives lesbians a bad name. I won't let people get away with saying sexist bigoted crap and I'm not going to correct them with a smile. I'm as militant as I can get and getting more radical every day.

Lest anyone freak out, I might as well explain that I don't hate men per se. I hate people who are raised to believe that they are privileged to be served wherever they go, and that includes several groups: straight people, white people, Christians, and men. The more of these groups you belong to, the more you are allowed power. An example:

I told my parents ahead of time that I needed to get my boxes and refrigerator out of Ethel Moore and into Orchard Meadow after they helped me move in. When we got up the hill, we saw that the next storage time wasn't for three hours. My dad decided that he didn't want to wait that long, and said I could just put my fridge on a dolly and push it down the Mary Morse hill. After my mother and I talked some sense into him, he decided he was going to find an R. A. who would let him into storage. None of them were around, so we went to Sage Hall to ask Public Safety. They explained that they didn't even HAVE keys to storage areas, and pointed him to the Resident Director in Cowell. Back across campus, he got the Ethel Moore R. D. out of her office and she directed us back up the hill where the R. A. was back and gracious enough to let us in.

It bugged the hell out of me that he felt he could take the attitude that everyone's job was to serve him, and of course he'd be let in by the right person when he found her, because it is *so* unreasonable that he wait for one of the three storage times that day. Having been taught by this very man to accomodate everyone's rules, it was shocking to realize that he could run around waving his magic wand and charmingly order everyone to stop their actual work and bend the rules for him.

I should mention that I never used to be one of those Lesbians Who Hate Men. I used to like men just fine, particularly geeks and drama guys. I would stand around backstage during Christmas Carol rehearsals last year, thinking how wonderful the guys in the cast were and how awesome guys could be in general. (And I'm not just kissing up because I have a class with Jim Wright this semester!) But over winter break, a sad thing happened: I spent time with guys. LOTS of time. In chat rooms. Online. It wasn't the stream of guys coming in just to queer-bash, or the men who privately propositioned me and the other dykes over and over. Mostly, it was these straight-but-gay-friendly guys who hung out with us. The longer I was there, the more I heard them say stuff like "you (gay activists) couldn't have gotten as far as you have without us so you shouldn't call me on any of my womanizing or homophobia." The more time I spent with men,the more I saw men who spoke without any concept that what they just said was steeped in discriminatory assumptions.

It also sucks that I can't *say* that I hate men without qualifying it in some way. If I had power over men, which I don't, and if I used the fact that I hate men to harass them or oppress them by reminding them constantly of their position underneath me and my power over them, that would be discrimination. As it is, my saying I hate men is wrong, but it will not crush the spirit of my male readers (if there are any left by this point in the essay) or remind them that they do not receive equal pay or equal respect from women. I hate men; I hate eggplant. (Sometimes, I even hate eggplant MORE.) Deal with it. I hate arriving at the Tea Shop at 10:20pm and seeing they closed early to clean up; I hate the Mills Van leaving early without me; I hate Pat Robertson with a PASSION.

That's the bottom line. I hate men! I know I'm not the only one! People say that I Need to Get Over It because The Fact Is that hating them is immature and irrational, because That's The Way The World Works and you Just Gotta Work With It. People can tell me that all they want, because all they're telling me is that THEY'RE putting their feelings aside; as long as I can hold on to my principles enough not to hide the fact that I hate men's behavior, I will not be swayed by the fact that others disagree with me.