How To Combat Transphobia

Intellectual Ammunition from the Lesbian Avengers/San Francisco

Attack Response
"Transsexual women aren't really women." We need to respect how other people define their own identities. Anything else is arrogant, disempowering, and destructive.
"MTF transsexuals are just straight men trying to sneak into women's spaces and drain the lesbian community of its energy." Can anyone realistically believe that a straight man would cut off his balls just to hang out with a bunch of lesbians?
"Transgendered women play up hyper-feminine behavior and make real women look bad." Policing the "appropriate" ways to be a woman - for new women or "women-born-women" - is a ludicrous waste of energy.
"Transgendered women weren't raised as women. They've lived their whole lives with male privilege." Many transgendered women felt uncomfortable with their assigned gender at very early ages and did not conform to male behavioral norms. Their ability to partake of male privilege was therefore partial, at best. And what male privilege they may have received was lost forever when they began their transition.
"Transgendered women are ______." (Fill in the blank with various gross generalizations.) Transgendered women are just as diverse as the population at large - culturally, racially, ideologically, economically, physically, behaviorally ...

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