Sort of an experiment from English class ("feminine rhyme" is when the rhyme comes from the last two syllables of the line instead of the last one) and a meditation on how to... well, it's pretty obvious.

Feminine Rhyme
Danica Nuccitelli 
Feb. 18, 1996
How do you tell a woman you love her?
Whisper it softly, building to a climax; 
Write her a poem, or steal one from rhyme hacks;
Or tell her right out and watch the meaning engulf her?
How can you break news that should hit so sweetly?
Get a tattoo (and hope your love's requited!);
Watch her eyes for some sign that it's invited;
Or be suggestive and hope she hears your entreaty?
Is there a dictionary, special language to use?
Would a telegram work? Should I have a friend tell her?
But this is silly - she's no Helen Keller, 
She will see my eyes, hear my voice's lit fuse. 
"I want to have your child! I want to romance you!"
...It's still a dilemma: society's my cover. 
She's been given an image of one sort of lover...
How do you tell a woman when you're a woman too?