Hate Crimes

A Hate Crime is committed when someone uses violence against you or your property, or threatens violence because of who you are, or who people believe you are. It is a violent crime that is directed against an indivdual, group, or organization, because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, or gender.
Hate Violence includes Hate Crimes, as well as other sorts of hateful speech and acts which are not crimes. Calling someone a name, refusing to rent them an apartment, and providing lower-quality service are all forms of Hate Violence. Using slurs and epithets is a way of telling someone that you believe that they are less than human, or do not deserve respect. Where Hate Violence is tolerated or encouraged, Hate Crimes will flourish. (From http://www.xq.com/cuav/report.htm)

Ninety-nine anti-gay hate crimes occurred in San Francisco alone, just in the month of January, 1996.

  • At 3:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon January 21st, at the corner of Market and Castro a man driving a red Volkswagen Cabriolet attacked two women whose jeep he had sideswiped. The attacker hit the women using a steering wheel locking device and yelling 'What are you going to do Dyke!' He then was able to get back into his car and grab one of the women by her hair. He started the car and dragged her at an estimated speed of 30 miles per hour across the intersection. So far the police have no suspects.
  • At the inaugural ceremony for our new Mayor around noon at Yerba Buena Center a man over 45 years of age was heard saying 'Well the Niggers and the Queers own the town now!' and pushed a gay male to the ground.
  • A lesbian who lives in the Mission came home at 10:30 am to find the message 'Fuck you, Fuck you Dykes....' recorded on her answering machine.
  • A male was beaten up and taken to San Francisco General Hospital. He did not regain consciousness for about a week. He has had difficulty returning to work. He feels physically and emotionally exhausted. The client believes it was a Hate Crime because the assailant did not take the money which was on his person.

    How to Report Hate Crimes

    Call 911 (or your local emergency number) if you need medical care. Go to the nearest emergency room, health clinic or private doctor.
  • Call the police and report the details of the assault. Try to remember sex, age, height, race, weight, build, clothes and other characteristics.
  • If an officer responds to the scene, make sure that he/she files an incident report. Get the report number and officer's badge number.
  • If you think that the assault was anti-lesbian or gay, make sure that the police note this on the report. If a police report is not taken at the time of your assault, go to your local police station and file one as soon as you are able.
  • Call Community United Against Violence (CUAV) 24 hours a day at 333-HELP (333-4357). They work to end anti-lesbian/gay violence in the Bay Area. If you don't feel comfortable reporting to the police, call CUAV, they can help. In any case, call CUAV to report all anti-lesbian and gay incidents.


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